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Yesterday evening, I added about 10 feet of mast to my VHF/UHF antenna, through much trial and error. At first, I tried lifting the existing 10 feet of mast, placing the old mast underneath. This didn’t work, and bordered on exceptionally dangerous- I was trying to balance an antenna and 10 feet of mast with both hands on top of a six foot ladder, while trying to carefully slide the mast pieces together. Needless to say, this did not work. I then took the mast and the antenna down, slid them together on the ground, and then walked the entire system up, raising it like a flagpole. This worked, and my antenna is now 10 feet higher. We’ll see how long it takes to receive the complaint from the city.

I finished all of my paper and DX4Win logging last night as well. I am finally ready to process this stack of QSL/MRC cards. I may start on that this evening.

I installed Netlogger for the OMISS nets, but it does not work. It throws an error message about not being able to find the Borland libraries.

This morning, I worked several mobile stations in Wisconsin on the 20 meter county hunter’s net on 14.336 MHz. I’m still monitoring here, and I’ll try to pick up a few more before running errands this afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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This month was absolutely crazy on the radio. I started out the month with a large afternoon 6 meter opening, and I was able to operate quite a few new grid squares. After that, I left for the east coast on July 17. From there I operated W100AW, and attended the ARRL Teacher’s Institute. I also managed to operate from 108 counties along the way (and more on the return trip in August that aren’t counted here- 132 in all).

HF QSOs: 529
VHF QSOs: 21

20 meters: 526
17 meters: 3
6 meters: 13
2 meters: 8

SSB: 542
FM: 8


Fairfield, CT: 7
Hartford, CT: 4
Litchfield, CT: 1
Middlesex, CT: 10
New Haven, CT: 5
New London, CT: 8
Tolland, CT: 5
Windham, CT: 6
New Castle, DE: 3
Anderson/Washington, KY: 11
Ballard, KY: 7
Bath, KY: 2
Bourbon/Fayette, KY: 13
Boyd/Greenup, KY: 1
Carter/Lewis, KY: 3
Clark/Montgomery, KY: 2
Fleming/Rowan, KY: 7
Jessamine/Woodford, KY: 12
Mercer, KY: 2
Nelson, KY: 11
Alexander, IL: 4
Bristol, MA: 3
Franklin, MA: 4
Hampden, MA: 7
Hampshire, MA: 5
Butler, MO: 2
Carter, MO: 8
Christian, MO: 5
Douglas, MO: 13
Greene, MO: 9
Howell, MO: 7
Jasper, MO: 4
Lawrence, MO: 1
Mississippi, MO: 3
Newton, MO: 1
New Madrid, MO: 4
Reynolds, MO: 1
Scott, MO: 4
Shannon, MO: 5
Stoddard, MO: 2
Texas, MO: 1
Wayne, MO: 3
Wright, MO: 4
Cheshire, NH: 1
Bergen, NJ: 6
Burlington, NJ: 10
Camden, NJ: 8
Essex, NJ: 10
Hudson, NJ: 4
Hunterdon, NJ: 7
Mercer, NJ: 6
Middlesex, NJ: 11
Monmouth, NJ: 6
Morris, NJ: 7
Ocean, NJ: 9
Passaic, NJ: 5
Somerset, NJ: 5
Union, NJ: 7
Sandoval, NM: 32
Bronx, NY: 1
Dutchess, NY: 2
New York, NY: 7
Orange, NY: 3
Putnam, NY: 4
Rockland, NY: 5
Westchester, NY: 7
Lawrence, OH: 1
Tulsa, OK: 1
Bucks, PA: 9
Delaware, PA: 7
Philadelphia, PA: 13
Bristol, RI: 10
Kent, RI: 6
Newport, RI: 7
Providence, RI: 4
Washington, RI: 5
Augusta, VA: 4
Botetourt, VA: 5
Clarke, VA: 6
Frederick, VA: 6
Loudoun, VA: 4
Montgomery, VA: 2
Pulaski, VA: 3
Roanoke, VA: 3
Rockbridge, VA: 6
Rockingham, VA: 5
Shenandoah, VA: 2
Smyth, VA: 1
Wythe, VA: 3
Windham, VT: 6
Cabell, WV: 1
Jefferson, WV: 4
Kanawha, WV: 1
Roane, WV: 4
Wayne, WV: 1

DM65: 21

DX: 4
Contesting: 3
County Hunting: 518
Special Event: 2
W1AW: 2
VHF Ragchew: 13
VHF Nets: 8

DX Entities:
US, Canada, Lithuania, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Venezuela, Poland

Graphics updated.

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I wrote this in a Word Document yesterday, but did not get a chance to post it.

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT net yesterday morning, but that was the extent of my operating activities. I did, however, get all of my contacts logged on paper. I had close to 200 QSOs logged on voice recorders and in DX4Win that were not logged in my logbook. That is now up to date, and I can focus on getting DX4Win up to date next. Then, I can go through the stack of QSL cards I have received over the last few days and get those sent out.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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I have checked into the Albuquerque SCAT net three times so far this week on 2 meters.

From my car, I picked up W1AW/0 in North Dakota last night on 20 meters. I broke a pile-up, and the station added “Great mobile signal, by the way.” Let’s just say I’m happy with my antenna right now.

At my house, I did something dumb. I was cutting weeds and forgot where my HF antenna coax was hiding. Needless to say, I cut my antenna coax, and so I have not been on the air from home in several days. I will fix it this weekend. I’ve debated for several days posting that, as I feel like a real idiot. However, I’m sure some of you have done the same!

I hope you enjoyed my post!

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Yesterday, I played in the North American QSO Party. I made 71 QSOs in 25 sections, though I mis-recorded the name for one. All in all, it was good for 1750 points, and my log has been submitted electronically.

I had a great time playing in the contest. I operated 20 meters only, and alternated between tuning through the band and finding places to call CQ. I worked one other station with an operator named “Seth” and he replied that I “made his day to get to write Seth in the log.”

Here are the states I worked. I also worked British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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I was able to check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net this morning on 2 meters from my Yaesu VX7R from the Alvarado Transportation Center.

This evening, I listened to 20 meters on my way home, went inside, and forgot it was active until a few minutes ago. I worked one Mississippi station on my way home.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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I missed the SCAT Net this morning, but I did get a 20 meter county hunting contact this morning on my way to Socorro.

I am currently listening to 20 meters and hear AE7KI on 14.260 MHz, one of my county hunting friends, working stations all over the United States. I’ll try to work him before going to bed tonight.

Good night!

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