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Yesterday was a happy day on 20 meters for me. The school club round-up was in full swing, and I was able to work my alma mater, Virginia Tech. I used to operate from the Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association (VTARA) station years ago, under the call sign K4KDJ. When I lived in the dorms, this was my only access to radio on campus.

Good luck guys! I see that you are really close to 300k points. I wish you well, and I am planning on getting the New Mexico Tech Amateur Radio Association station on the air for the next school club round-up.

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Daily Radio Report: 10/21/14   Leave a comment

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net yesterday.

Today, I made one contact on my way back from Magdalena. It was a kid in middle school for the School Club Round-Up. A few years ago, I participated in this event on behalf of New Mexico Tech and had a great time. I need to resurrect the club station before the spring contest and perhaps get involved again.

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Daily Radio Report: 10/14/14   Leave a comment

The power of suggestion is wonderful. Yesterday, I made a remark on this blog that I wanted to work the W1AW stations that were on the air. Yesterday was the last day for those two stations, and I worked both of them on 20 meters: Virginia (W1AW/4) and Missouri (W1AW/0).

I also made quite a few county hunting contacts on 20 meter SSB (14.336 MHz). Most of those stations were in Illinois.

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Daily Radio Report: 10/13/14   Leave a comment

I made a few more 20 meter county hunting contacts. I think all of them were in Indiana again; I’m not sure if there is some sort of special event happening there or why everyone seems to be there.

I will listen this morning and see if I can pull a few more W1AW stations. I haven’t worked either of them this week.

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Yesterday, I made several contacts on 20 meter SSB. Theyw ere all on the 14.336 MHz county hunting net and most of them were into Indiana.

I also checked into the Caravan Club Net (145.330 MHz) here in Albuquerque last night.

My paper logs and my DX4Win logs are up to date, minus WY8I’s letter. I logged all of my CA QSO Party contacts, and will submit a summary by the end of the week.

I am a little bummed that I wasn’t paying close attention and missed the 10-10 contest (on 10-10, of course!).

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Daily Radio Report: 10/11/14   Leave a comment

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times this week, but failed to report it on this blog. I have been checking into the 444.000 MHz side, just because I can.

I made one QSO on 20 meter SSB in the PA QSO Party.

Today, I received an envelope from WY8I. I figured it was an MRC card, and I was right! 82 QSOs with WY8I that I need to confirm! To put this into perspective, I have attached a map of states where I have been mobile and talked to WY8I:

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I was able to participate in this year’s California QSO Party. I managed to get 42 QSOs, while driving my car around town in Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties.

I haven’t gone through my digital recordings yet to see my score or how many counties I worked, but I will hopefully do that over the next few days. I do know that one of the stations was W1AW/6 in California.

I also checked into the Caravan Club net this evening on 145.330 MHz.

I did manage to update my log from the month of September, however, and that was a big step for me.

My base station antenna has a bad connection, and I will need to track that down. Yesterday was breezy and the signal strengths went from S9 to S1, as the wind swayed. I think I know where I the connection is bad, but its repair will likely be a project for next weekend.

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