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The year is winding down, only a few more minutes left in 2011. It was a slow year on the radio for me- I made the fewest number of contacts this year than I have since 2005 or so.

The number of contacts was lower due to a repeated path to Florida (almost no new counties), no summer east coast trip, a shortened and Christmas trip last year, flying for Christmas this year, and two discrete storm chases, one of which had so much action that I did not play on the radio at all. Also, between the two jobs and the big move to Rio Rancho, I simply did not have as much time to play on the radio. I also do not yet have an adequate antenna at the new house, so I have been off the air at home since May-ish. I had a dismal Sweepstakes effort due to a deaf antenna, which did not even earn me a participation pin. I was sloppy with sending out MRCs and QSL cards, and my DX4Win log is horribly behind (September?)

Having said all of that, 2012 offers quite a bit of promise. I will put the vertical antenna up over the next week and that will be the best antenna I’ve had since living with my parents. I am currently scheming bringing a radio to Florida, even though I am flying. Dad introduced me to JT65, and I will likely play with that new mode soon. For Christmas, I got a scanner and an antenna tuner (more on these later) and that will boost my radio activities as well. Also, the lower number of QSOs was in part due to a change in solar conditions- I spent less time at the end of the year sending dozens of signal reports on the county hunter net and more time chasing DX on 10 meters. I also participated in 10-X nets for the first time in several years, and made quite a few QSOs during the 10 meter contest.

In any event, here are the numbers for this year:

Total HF QSOs: 1659 (All were SSB)
10M: 112
12M: 2
15M: 2
17M: 14
20M: 1494
40M: 35

Here’s to a new year!


Seth, N3MRA


Posted January 1, 2012 by n3mra in Yearly Review

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