2/17/12: Daily Post   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I made my first QSO on my new vertical antenna. It was NC7R/M in Sheridan, WY, and only a 3×3, but considering the time of day, and that it was on 20m, it was successful. Apparently, the county hunters spend time on 14.341MHz these days, so is why I wasn’t finding them when I went to FL.

Jim, KZ2P, said that my Kenwood TS-450S was feeding some RF back into the mic, and when I switched radios (Kenwood TS-130S) it went away, so I may have to investigate that later on.

I ran Valencia and Socorro counties the other day, 18 QSOs. I have been developing a new mobile platform which I will describe here sometime soon. It will be easier to throw onto a plane as carry on luggage, and thus will accompany me in many more travels.

I basically separated the contents of my trunk (radios, tools, etc) into aluminum cases. For radio, I have a VHF/UHF case and an HF case. The HF case will go with me when I fly, as the Yaesu FT-857D can be used on VHF/UHF if an emergency warrants it. Typically, however, it’s a strain to get in time to do all of the stuff I’d like to on HF, so I will just fly with the HF radio.

The cases will mount in my trunk and can be easily removed as needed for travel. I am photographing their construction and might write an article for QST about it….


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