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Today, I am traveling through NM and TX as part of a long-weekend county hunting trip. We are hoping to knock out the southern part of TX. I likely won’t see these counties during a storm chase, and so now is as good a time as ever to go through them.

I’m starting the day in Las Cruces, NM and will drive I-10, then veer southeast to Alpine, TX, and then snake around a bit, ending the day in San Antonio, TX.

Tomorrow, we’ll leave San Antonio and make a giant loop through the south, hopefully picking up all of the counties in that region, probably giving up on running counties back in San Antonio, and ending the night in Fort Stockton.

We’ll see how far we get, and how many I can knock out. I have around 45% of the counties, and this would knock out the southern tier.

Unrelated, I bought myself a nice set of headphones for operating at the house, a new battery for my Yaesu FT-411E, and a battery case (that allows you to use AA batteries) for the same radio. I also ordered a data cable for my Kenwood TS-450S that plugs into the microphone jack (the data jack fried during a lightning strike back in 1993ish). These are all things I’ve talked about getting for a year, and it was just time to go ahead and buy them.


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