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I made quite a few QSOs on 20 meters yesterday. The neat thing about these was that some of them were county hunting QSOs in New Mexico (Santa Fe, Bernalillo, Cibola). On the surface, that may not sound very interesting, but for those of you who know HF know how hard it is sometimes to get the close counties, as the radio waves bounce off the atmosphere and skip over these areas. I was happy to work AA9JJ/N9QPQ in these counties.

I unfortunately lost several QSOs from my digital recorder, as the device managed to take itself off hold and erase several QSOs while in my pocket. Also, I had to reset the batteries, and now it shows 5 QSOs, but when I try to play them, it says “ERROR.” Hopefully, moving the batteries around again will restart the device and all will be well in the world.

I checked into the SCAT Net on 145.330 MHz yesterday and today as well. I’m becoming a regular now, and most of the folks on there say “hi Seth” instead of “who was the N3 call?”


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