Monthly Summary: March 2013   1 comment

This month, we took a few day trip to CA. I ran Cibola, NM and then San Diego, CA throughout the trip. I didn’t run many counties, but that wasn’t the focus of the trip this time.

This weekend, I’ll probably run a few counties during the NM QSO Party.

I also like my new plan to run counties each Monday, but on a different band each time. This week, I ran 10 meters and made a few QSOs. Last week, it was 17 meters. This upcoming week, it will either be 15M, 12M or 40M depending on the sun spots.

HF QSOs: 73
VHF QSOs: 12

2 meters: 12
15 meters: 2
17 meters: 1
20 meters: 69
40 meters: 1

SSB: 73
FM: 12

San Diego, CA: 10
Bernalillo, NM: 2
Cibola, NM: 4
Sandoval, NM: 25
Socorro, NM: 19
Valencia, NM: 13

County Hunting: 57
Contest (ID QSO, NA Sprint): 14
Net (VHF): 12
Net (HF): 1
DX: 1

DX Entities:
US, Canada, Columbia, (Austria – missed in last month’s summary)

Graphics updated soon.


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  1. This is a great page Seth! Have a great day.

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