Last Weekend’s QSO Party Summary   Leave a comment

Last weekend, there were several QSO parties all at the same time. I made the most QSOs in the New England QSO Party. I will try to submit logs this week. I was mobile all weekend, so the QSOs were split across Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties. A break down of the events:

From Sandoval, NM:
7QP: 3
New England QP: 6

From Bernalillo, NM:
New England QP: 12

I approach county hunting differently than most. I am big on keeping my QSOs contained to a local area- it means a lot for me to say “I worked 3077 counties from here” meaning my home county. Same with DXCC100. Therefore, even though the county QSOs I made in Bernalillo would count towards my overall county count, I’m only counting ones from Sandoval. I think this gives me a new game some day- when I’ve “worked ’em all” from Sandoval, I can try for Bernalillo as well.

I guess all radio operators have some sort of integrity limits- it’s not a matter of actual breaking the rules, but what generates a feeling of accomplishment for the individual. I know a lot of county hunters do not use relay QSOs for this reason.

At some point, I need to catch up on sending QSL cards. I have quite a few DX stations that I’ve worked, but never sent a card. I did catch up my DX4Win log this week- it was about 4 months behind schedule. All of this is just in time for storm chase season, so I’ll probably work a number of stations in about two weeks and slowly work their QSOs into DX4Win over the course of the summer.

Today, I worked a few stations on my way to Socorro. There were a few stations on the county hunter net. I tracked K0DEQ across MO, and WB0CQO across IA, working them whenever I heard them on 20 meters.


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