Monthly Summary: July 2013   Leave a comment

Radio-wise, this has been a frustrating month. I made a number of contacts, but near the end of July, the receive function deteriorated on my Yaesu FT-857D. I went from fighting S8 noise to nothing. A slight hum less than S1. I could hear exceptionally loud signals, but nothing else. Even Jim, KZ2P, was only about 2×2 or 3×3. Especially frustrating was the fact that I was driving through CO on a county hunting road trip.

Even so, I operated from 14 new counties in CO.

And my Yaesu has been shipped back to the factory for repairs. I’ve heard there are two ceramic filters that need replacing when the receive dies, but I have not confirmed this.

In the mean time, I am in Austin, TX for a conference and have been running with my Kenwood TS-130S in the passenger seat.

HF QSOs: 126

20 meters: 126
6 meters: 1
2 meters: 4

SSB: 127
FM: 4

Arapahoe, CO: 5
Bent/Otero line, CO: 12
Crowley, CO: 12
Clear Creek, CO: 4
Delta, CO: 3
Denver, CO: 8
Eagle, CO: 5
Elbert, CO: 8
Fremont, CO: 1
Garfield, CO: 3
Gilpin, CO: 3
Lake, CO: 12
Lincoln, CO: 5
Park, CO: 8
Pitkin, CO: 1
San Juan, CO: 1
Summit, CO: 1
Sandoval, NM: 33
Socorro, NM: 1

County Hunting: 124
Ragchewing (HF): 2
Ragchewing (VHF): 1
Nets (VHF): 4

DX Entities:
US, Canada

Graphics updated soon.


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