A tribute to an old friend, Mike Knight (K4IJ), Silent Key   Leave a comment


New River Wireless Association, June 2002.

My friend, Mike Knight, has passed away. I was privileged to have known him.

Back in 2001, I rekindled my interest in radio. My father, N4ST, played a large part in that. I spent Thanksgiving Break from Virginia Tech playing on 10 meters and the ARRL SSB Sweepstakes contest.

Once the break ended, I went back to Virginia Tech and learned of a few local amateur radio operators, including Mike Knight (K4IJ, ex-KC4Q). He was starting a Morse Code class, and even though I had passed the Morse code test years ago, I wanted to relearn it, so I signed up for the class.

Mike led the class and taught a number of people the ways of amateur radio. His enthusiasm quickly spread through the class, and we formed the New River Wireless Association, an amateur radio club for the Blacksburg/Christiansburg/Radford/etc area.

At one point during the class, he drove me to a hamfest in NC, where I passed my General Class Exam. With my new privileges, I made my first 20 meter and 17 meter QSOs from his truck on the way back to VA.

Under Mike’s leadership, we were able to put in a number of radio related adventures, including multiple ARRL Field Day efforts (7A on at least one occasion), as well as VA QSO Parties, CQWW contests, hamfest trips, licensing exams (at least once a month for some time), and other things I had never imagined possible for a new club.

I moved away in 2005, and often thought of the radio club I had left behind. In recent years, I had been able to talk to Mike on Facebook- comparing radio notes and contesting scores.

73, OM, you will be missed.



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