Antenna/Radio Woes on the Road Trip   Leave a comment

We have been traveling across country the last few days, but I have had no luck on the radio. I installed the radio in our van, and I made a 10 meter contact to Guadalupe. 5×9, but he was handing everyone 5×9 reports. On 20 meters, the net control operator for the county hunters net said my signal was distorted. Considering my recent 10 meter contact, I assumed it was the 20 meter antenna (I had trouble in the Malibu with this antenna as well).

We left New Mexico and did not operate until we reached Tennessee. I made a contact or two on 40 meters, and then tried to run on the county hunters net (40 meters). The net control operator also said I have distortion on my signal.

I will have to do some troubleshooting when I get the chance…..


Posted December 22, 2013 by n3mra in Mobile Operating

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