Yaesu FT-857D Woes   Leave a comment

Back in August, I sent my Yaesu FT-857D back to Yaesu for a few repairs. It had a line through the display, was missing a knob, and had no receive audio. $300 and several weeks later, my radio arrived, supposedly fixed.

I didn’t get to install it in my car until October or so. I’ve had nothing but problems since then. My audio is heavily distorted. I tried switching antennas, switching vehicles, hooking it up to my base station antenna and power supply, all with no different results.

At this point, I am running 5W into it, and I am still distorted. I made an audio file of the distortion, but WordPress isn’t letting me upload it.


Reading online, there are several potentiometers in the radio that might need to be adjusted/replaced.

I think I will have to send this radio back to Yaesu again.


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