March 2014 QST   Leave a comment

I just finished reading the March issue of QST and learned a few interesting things.

1. There is an ARRL Teacher Institute held each year to promote wireless and electronic technologies in classrooms (1). It is open to college instructors as well, so I think I will apply to get into it.

2. There was a really neat article titled “A Maritime Mobile DXpedition in Antarctica” by Steve Kaatz, which has me scheming to go on an Antarctic cruise (2). I did not know such a thing existed.

3. There was also another neat DXpedition in the “How’s DX” section of the magazine. This article covered a DXpedition to the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, which is about 400 miles off the coast of Chile.

A good read all the way around!

(1) Johnson, Deborah. “2014 Teacher Institute Scheduled” QST Mar. 2014: 73. Print.

(2) Kaatz, Steve. “A Maritime Mobile Dxpedition in Antarctica” QST Mar. 2014: 61-63. Print.

(3) McClenny, Bernie. “How’s DX?” QST Mar. 2014: 89-90. Print.


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