Yaesu FT-7800 Troubleshooting   Leave a comment

I started troubleshooting my VHF/UHF radio today. If you remember, I was having trouble with it- it will send the DTMF tones, but no audio. I can key up a repeater, but cannot transmit any voice data.

Today, I thought that maybe during all my moving stuff around perhaps I mixed up the control cables for the FT-7800 and the FT-857D. I rerouted the control cable labeled “857” and plugged it into the 7800, just in case I had mislabeled them. When I did this, the FT-7800 would not power up, confirming that I had them correct originally.

I will likely have to tear everything out and start over, but I’m going to verify that each piece works on my desktop before cramming it into the car.


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