Shopping List for Completing My Station   Leave a comment

For whatever reason, I always lose AC adapters. I currently am missing the adapter for my LDG AT-100ProII Tuner.

1. AC Adapter Tip, LDG AT-100ProII Tuner: I thought I had one, but the connector is incorrect. I need a different tip for this one.

2. AC adapter, Radio Shack Scanner: I don’t know what happened to it- I used to have it not two months ago. It has walked away.

3. Wire: I need to make several new jumpers for my Signalink USB digital modes box. I only have 4 of 6 jumpers, so I can’t hook it up to my computer yet. I’d really like to get on the digital modes, too.

4. Coax male to male connectors: With my current configuration, I had to add coax to my system, so I need these connectors to extend the total coax length. For at least three radios.

Blech. None of this is going to get done tonight.


Posted March 17, 2014 by n3mra in Station configuration

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