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On Sunday, I did some more testing with the Yaesu FT-857D. I attached the radio in the trunk to start my troubleshooting.

The first test involved connecting the radio to car power, but my base station antenna. The car was off. Because my station antenna was disconnected, I put a digital recorder on the speaker of my Kenwood TS-450S and just listened on this radio. Then, I went back out and transmitted on the Yaesu (14.347 MHz) and listened to the recording. It still sounded distorted.

I noticed that the Anderson Power Pole was loose on the negative side. I popped the hood and pulled the fuse from the power line I had run to the trunk. I pulled the offending Power Pole off, and realized there was no way I was going to jam this large wire into that tiny connector. I’ll have to figure that one out another day.

I also didn’t like the way the battery terminal was holding the power wire. I pulled the terminal out (one of those “sport” terminals), cleaned it up with a brillo pad and reassembled the whole terminal.

I then took a set of alligator clamps and connected the battery directly to the radio. Once again, using the vertical antenna in the yard, I transmitted with the same receiving configuration as before. It still sounded distorted.

I then heard a signal nearby. I decided to answer him, in spite of how bad I thought my signal might have been. He quickly responded with “5 by 9, strong signal and good audio.”

This concludes that my test of transmitting and receiving in this manner was not accurate.


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