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Yesterday evening, I added about 10 feet of mast to my VHF/UHF antenna, through much trial and error. At first, I tried lifting the existing 10 feet of mast, placing the old mast underneath. This didn’t work, and bordered on exceptionally dangerous- I was trying to balance an antenna and 10 feet of mast with both hands on top of a six foot ladder, while trying to carefully slide the mast pieces together. Needless to say, this did not work. I then took the mast and the antenna down, slid them together on the ground, and then walked the entire system up, raising it like a flagpole. This worked, and my antenna is now 10 feet higher. We’ll see how long it takes to receive the complaint from the city.

I finished all of my paper and DX4Win logging last night as well. I am finally ready to process this stack of QSL/MRC cards. I may start on that this evening.

I installed Netlogger for the OMISS nets, but it does not work. It throws an error message about not being able to find the Borland libraries.

This morning, I worked several mobile stations in Wisconsin on the 20 meter county hunter’s net on 14.336 MHz. I’m still monitoring here, and I’ll try to pick up a few more before running errands this afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


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