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This year started out quite depressing in terms of radio. I had troubles with my mobile radio for the first few months of 2014. I had trouble with my antenna at home. My mobile radio was dead during storm chase season.

I got the radio working and had a great time during a VHF contest in the summer. I picked up quite a few six meter contacts.

I did a road trip across country in July; I picked up a ton of contacts. I operated from a lot of new counties in New England, including operating from all counties in RI and CT. During this cross country trip, I had the opportunity to operate W100AW as well.

My SSB Sweepstakes, Skywarn Recognition Day, and 10 meter contest were good as well this year.

I was disappointed that I did not get WAS on 20 meters (I’m still missing Alaska) or WAS for the W1AW Centennial Stations.

Then, I took a Christmas road trip, finishing out the year and greatly contributing to my 2015 totals.

Total HF QSOs: 1597 (All were SSB)
20M: 1284
17M: 4
15M: 83
10M: 110

Total VHF/UHF QSOs: 70 (54 FM, 15 SSB, 1 Meteor Scatter)
2M: 45
6M: 16
70cm: 9

Here’s to a new year!


Posted February 2, 2015 by n3mra in Yearly Review

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