Monthly Summary: May, 2015   Leave a comment

This month was incredibly frustrating on the radio, and in life in general. Due to problems with my vehicle, I was only chasing for a day, and that was only in familiar territory, meaning I ran no new counties. With my car dead, I did not play on the radio much at all. I was also gone for about a week in Utah, where I had no HF capabilities, even if I’d been in the mood to play on the radio.

HF QSOs: 18
VHF QSOs: 11

20 meters: 18
2 meters: 11

SSB: 18
FM: 11

Bernalillo, NM: 1
Sandoval, NM: 15
Valencia, NM: 2
DM65: 11

Contesting (ME, 7QP): 3
County Hunting: 13
Special Event: 2
VHF/UHF Net: 9
VHF Ragchew: 2

DX Entities:

Graphics updated.


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