Daily Radio Report: 7/12/15   Leave a comment

Yesterday was an incredibly frustrating day. I had the bright idea to make a radio mount for my car. By radio mount, I wanted to bolt a few of my radios together to make them heavier and keep them from sliding about on the transmission hump.

I made an aluminum bracket and bought longer mounting screws to hold the bracket in place.

Unfortunately, the longer screws were too long. One of them went into my Yaesu FT-857 and cut a ribbon cable between the PA board and the main radio board. Therefore, this radio is dead until I can replace this cable. Furthermore, when I tried to power the radio (not knowing about the cable), it blew the fuse from the battery. I don’t know if it cooked anything else.

However, through the disappointment, I was able to get my Yaesu FT-7800 back on the air, and I have now called my Kenwood TS-130S into action as a mobile rig for the next few weeks, until I can test a new ribbon cable. I checked into the Caravan club net on 2 meters last night, and then made two special event 20 meter contacts, just to make sure both radios work. Both HF stations said, “Nice signal!” and I broke the pile up.

I guess perhaps I will be on the air during my upcoming road trip!

Thank you for reading this post.


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