Daily Radio Report: 7/18/15   Leave a comment

I only made a few contacts yesterday. Conditions were noisy along I-70, and I couldn’t hear the net control station. I ran two counties on 20 meters, and have already operated from most of the others.

Plus, I had an unpleasant conversation with an Ohio State Trooper, so I wasn’t in the mood to play radio for part of the time. Supposedly, I was doing 85/70, which I’ve been known to do, but with the heavy traffic (and the fact that I stayed in my lane the whole time), I find it unlikely. Supposedly, they flagged me from aircraft, but we saw no aircraft. Also, they sent a state trooper to walk into the road and point at cars, and I was one they pointed at. All of us were out of state, which are easy to identify in Ohio because we don’t wear front license plates.

It doesn’t matter though. The fine in that county is the same whether I was doing 1 over or 20 over, and I know I was doing 5-10 over, so I’ll pay, rather than cancel part of my trip to drive back to Ohio for the court date in a week.

Thank you for reading my rant…er…um…post.


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