ARRL TI-2: Day 3   Leave a comment

Yesterday was Day 3 of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Teacher Institute 2 (TI-2).

We recovered our buoys and disassembled them for shipping. We borrowed some of the parts to play with packet radio. We are running Direwolf as a packet engine, and then using UISS to plot the maps.

At lunch, I operated W1AW on 40 meters. I spoke to my father, N4ST, first. I worked a few more stations, and then my lunchbreak was over. I said that I was going to “QRT” (quit), and then my mother, N4KUP, responded, so I made a contact with her as well. Here was a photo that my friend, Scott, took of me operating W1AW.


After lunch, we worked on our BOE-BOTs to set them up for operating with MAREA, which is a way to wirelessly control the robot with amateur radio packets. It strips data from the comment line off the APRS packet, which contains the string to control the robot.

I spent part of the day fighting an old laptop, but I still managed to get my robot to move locally, which was the goal for the night.

Thank you for reading my post.


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