Daily Radio Report: 12/12/15   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I was able to make two contacts in the ten meter contest. I did so by swapping out my power supply from an Astron RS-20A to a Pyramid PS-26KX that I am borrowing from work.

It appears that my power supply (the Astron) cannot meet the current demands of either Kenwood HF radio. When I transmit with full power, the TS-570D powers down. The TS-450S never seems to switch out of AM mode. When I checked the Rigrunner, the yellow “Undervoltage” light illuminates on transmit.

I swapped power supplies and ran at a slightly low voltage. Same effects as above. When I turned the voltage up, these effects went away and the radios behaved normally.

I’ll play on ten meters again tomorrow, and maybe make a few more contacts.

Thank you for reading this post.


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