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I intend to update this blog every Tuesday, and let you know what is going on in my amateur radio world.

This week’s post is about my Christmas trip, and running mobile while I was on the road.  All said and done, I made 357 QSOs on 20 meters.  I did this from quite a few new counties in FL, GA, OH, IL, and KS.  I haven’t added up how many new counties I have.

The final day or two of driving, I played around trying to find stations operating from the National Parks on the Air event.  I was only able to find one station, and was not able to break the pileup.

I installed my new power supply at the house, and it seems to work well.  I want to crimp connectors on the bare wire, as the wires are held in by a prayer and a thumbscrew, and I’d much rather have them secure.  The cord is a bit short, though I may change the position of my power strip so that it reaches a little farther.  I’ve been meaning to do this anyway, as my laptop cord is strained as well.

Here’s to a good 2016 on the bands.

73, and thanks for reading my post.



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