Amateur Radio This Week: #2   Leave a comment

This week, I finished setting up my new power supply.  I crimped new connectors on the wires to my Rigrunner, and found an appropriate place for the power supply on my desk.  I also played with my outdoor HF antenna, which is still incredibly deaf.

I installed VE7CC’s DX cluster program on my laptop and got the filters set up the way I like.  Now, to get the HF antenna running…

I also made one contact on 10 meters to Brazil from my Radio Shack HTX-10 that is mounted in the Malibu.  It wasn’t as clean as I would have liked it to be, and I may have some work to do to the Hamstick that is mounted on the trunk.  Even so, there were several other stations I could hear during grayline propagation.

I also updated my DX4Win logs from the Christmas trip, as well as the county map used on this website.

This upcoming week will be dedicated to a combination of getting ready for the amateur radio class that I am teaching, as well as working on my HF antenna.

Thank you for reading this post.


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