Amateur Radio This Week: #8   Leave a comment

Last week, I only checked into two VHF nets.  I did, however, work a few stations on HF.

The HF contacts I worked were significant; I busted one pile up for KA6LMS, which was on the set of the Last Man Standing, as well as N4CD, who was operating from MN59 for the National Parks on the Air (NPOA) event.  As exotic as I thought MN59 was, it’s Petroglyphs, which is only ten miles from my house!

Busting up the KA6LMS pile up took some patience, and some listening.  He would call “QRZ?” and seemingly hundreds of stations would respond, adding to the noise.  There would be a small lull after 30 seconds to a minute.  The loudest station in this lull would get the contact.  I made sure to be in that lull, and after half an hour, I worked the station, with 100 W from my car.

I also taught the fourth section of my amateur radio licensure course yesterday evening.  This week’s topics were basic radio operation and electronic math.  Because I am teaching engineering students, we breezed through Ohm’s Law, series and parallel, schematics and unit conversions with the greatest of ease.

Thank you for reading my post.


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