NM QSO Party Plaque   1 comment

I received my award in the mail a few days ago, and finally got around to taking a photo of it.


Special thanks to Fred Homuth, K9GAJ, for sponsoring this award!

Otherwise, this week has been relatively quiet on the radio, at least for me. I tinkered with my HF antenna to try to improve its reception, but no dice there.  I also reinstalled the Radio Shack HTX-10 in my Malibu. I had removed it for a few days because I needed to repair the driver’s window.

Thank you for reading my post.



One response to “NM QSO Party Plaque

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  1. Seth, good job winning the 2016 NM QSO Party. You did a great job! Glad you did good in spite of the problems. Hope I can meet you someday. Also maybe a ragchew on 75 or 40 meters phone sometime. Maybe we could do a mobile-mobile QSO. hihi
    Nice blog.
    73, Fred K9GAJ

    Fred Homuth, K9GAJ

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