Amateur Radio This Week: #38   Leave a comment

This week was slow in terms of contacts, as I made none.  I did, however knock both goals off my list this week.

#1:  Skyler now has access to the TARA station, and he cleaned it up beautifully.  We hung up a US map and a world map on the wall as well.

#2:  I was able to swap the VHF antenna on the Malibu.  One NMO mount was in bad shape and the other worked fine.  I wanted to swap them, as one NMO mount is really close to the FM broadcast antenna, and I wanted to give them more space.

Not only did I do both, I also tuned a ten meter antenna for use with the Radio Shack HTX-10.

Goals for this week:

#1.  New power connection in the Malibu.  I have a nice power cable running to the trunk, but none running to the passenger compartment.  As the radios I will mount in here are not remote mountable, I need power to the passenger cabin, not to the trunk.  It would be a shame to rip out the existing cable, however.

#2.  Test out the Yaesu FT-857D.  I received it and it is still sitting in the box in my living room.

Thank you for reading my post.


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