Amateur Radio This Week: #42   Leave a comment

This week, I was able to set up my Icom 2100 in the Malibu.  I replaced the coax that ran from the antenna to the radio, as the old one had been split for a long time.  I tested it by checking into the SCAT Net from Belen on Monday morning.  The contact was cut short as my power cable popped out, but there was no actual problem with the radio or antenna.

I also went to the Socorro Hamfest this weekend.  I picked up a few cheap multimeters, as well as 95′ of coax to replace my hodge-podge coax that runs betwen my HF radios and my vertical antenna in the back yard at my house.

I also acted as a Volunteer Examiner (VE) for the amateur radio test sessions that were offered at the hamfest.  Everyone who showed up left with either a new license or an upgrade, so it was a successful test session.  In fact, we have nine new licensed ham radio operators at NMT, so the Tech Amateur Radio Association has grown considerably!

On Sunday, I made a contact or two in the NY QSO Party as well.

I did not send any QSL cards but that will be in my new goals in the upcoming week.  This week, I will:

1.  Update all of my logbooks (clear my phone of all voice recordings!)
2.  Send 5 QSL cards

Thank you for reading my post.


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