Amateur Radio This Week: #44   Leave a comment

This week has been busy, and I did not accomplish all of the things I wanted to in terms of amateur radio.

I made a few contacts in the DX contest this weekend.  I think I worked Hawaii several times, Cayman Islands as well as a few countries that I don’t recognize their call signs.

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net yesterday and the Rusty Raider’s Net today on 2 meters.  I checked into the Rusty Raider’s Net from Magdalena using a repeater just east of Grants, so that was a pretty good distance.

I did play back a few digital recordings and log them into my paper log book.  I did not, however, send any QSL cards, as I am still out of stamps, and keep forgetting to buy them.

In terms of the Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA), we did some volunteer work, completing our mandatory volunteer hours for New Mexico Tech this semester.  We had a good time doing so- we helped set up the annual “Haunted Hospital” for the biology department’s Halloween fund-raiser activity.

This week, I will need to:

1.  Finish logging the contacts from my digital recordings
2.  Buy stamps and sent 5 QSL cards.

Thank you for reading my post.


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