Amateur Radio This Week: #49   Leave a comment

I didn’t accomplish all I had set out to do again, but I did finally log all of the contacts from my phone.  I had contacts back through October that had not been put on paper.

I was disappointed at the number of callsigns I busted.  Out of 30 or so QSOs, I busted three.  I didn’t so much bust the callsigns as they did not make it onto the recording.

I did also check into the Albuquerque Caravan Club net on Sunday evening, as well as make an HF contact on my way to Skywarn Recognition Day.

I participated in Skywarn Recognition Day, making a few contacts on 20 meters from the Albuquerque National Weather Service office.  That was a lot of fun.  Conditions weren’t great, but it is always a fun event.  I also got to meet the person who sponsored the award I won during this year’s NM QSO Party, so that was an added bonus.

My goals this week are to:
1.  Add all of these QSOs to DX4Win
2.  Send 5 QSL cards
3.  Sketch out a radio box

Thank you for reading my post.


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