Amateur Radio This Week: #51   Leave a comment

This week has been active on amateur radio for me.  I am on my annual cross-country Christmas trip, and we have been traveling across the south.  I did not run any radio for the first few days, as the winds were so strong, I was afraid of losing my Hamstick antenna.

However, yesterday, I ran six new counties in Alabama, meaning I have now operated from 1100 counties total.  I will update the graphic on this page in the next day or so.

The total number of QSOs was low, but still worth it to me:

Lauderdale, MS:  2

Dallas, AL:  4
Hale, AL:  2
Lee, AL:  2
Lowndes, AL:  3
Macon, AL:  7
Marengo, AL: 6
Montgomery, AL:  3
Perry, AL:  2
Russell, AL:  2
Sumter, AL:  1

Watch for me on the air tomorrow, as I drive from Atlanta, GA, to Jersey, VA, running counties on 14.336 MHz along the way.

Thank you for reading my post.


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