This Week In Amateur Radio: 2017.4   Leave a comment

This week has been mostly about squaring away paperwork, though I still have a long ways to go on that.   I spent a good part of Saturday night going through my paper logs and creating a spread sheet of contacts made each year.  As expected, 20 meters has been my dominant band, and with the exception of one really productive year on 40 meters, it has been my “go to” band since I earned my General class license.

In terms of operating, I have checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net and the Rusty Raider’s Net a few times, as well as the Caravan Club on Sunday night.  It has become a tradiation to hit as many of these as I can.  I also listened on 28.400 MHz quite a few times along my commute to Magdalena, but I have made no contacts.

I have been prepping for my Amateur Radio Licensure course that I will teach this semester.  I have only three students, and I think I will need to have a conversation about how to change the listing of the course, as it is listed under “Lifestyle Activities” and is really hard to find in the course registration website.

Today was also the start of the New Mexico Tech club fair.  The club fair is where we get to show and tell about amateur radio, and recruit students into our club.  We needed a few more signatures to be an official club when I left this morning, so I will have to check up with Skyler and James to see if they were able to get it running. We have another day to meet the signature goal, however.  More importantly, they ran a station to work satellite contacts.  I don’t think they made any, but it was neat to see anyway.

This week will be about mounting my radios in the Crown Vic and then to begin work again on my very poor HF antenna at the house.  I will also start working on my pile of QSL cards that need to be sent.

Thank you for reading my post.


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