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Amateur Radio This Week: 2018.3   Leave a comment

This week, I spent a little more time on the radio.  I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times, and also operated on 20M and 40M SSB.

On HF, I operated from DM64 and DM65, picking up a few contacts in each of those grid squares.  There are two squares that I frequently visit, as I live in DM65 and work in DM64.  I may try for DM63 this week, as it is not too far from where I work.

I also set up eQSL.  I think I am ready to start logging contacts in it, finally.  It took me a while to navigate the security, but I think I’m finally done with it.

I added an ARRL Grid Squares part to my Mobile QSO page.  Right now, I’m up to 10 grid squares that I have operated from.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2017.45   Leave a comment

I am finally starting to catch up on my logbooks.  I logged quite a few VHF net check-ins, as well as the HF contacts from my trip to Minnesota.  My next steps are to log them in DX4Win, update the graphics here, and update my master counties list.

Over the past week, I was able to check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times.  I hope to check in a few more times this upcoming week.

I will also listen on 20 meters today along my commute to Magdalena.  Hopefully, there is some activity out there.

I will also attend this week’s Tech Amateur Radio Association meeting.  I haven’t attended a single one this year, so it is about time I reconnect with my club.

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This Week in Amateur Radio: 2017.30   Leave a comment

I have been quite active in the world of amateur radio this week.

I started out by making a few contacts on 20 meters late at night each night this week.  I worked Ecuador, West Virginia and Hawaii.

I sent seven QSL cards this week, and organized a few more stacks.  I also updated DX4Win and my paper logs.  More QSL cards will be processed when I return from my road trip.

Speaking of road trips, I drove from Rio Rancho, NM, to Forsyth, IL, for a chemical process safety training.  Along the way, I played on the 20 meter SSB county hunters net.  I operated from ten or so new counties in KS and MO.

I will do some more site-seeing around Illinois before driving home in a few days.  I will operate from more counties along the way.

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Amateur Radio This Week: #35   Leave a comment

I finally caught up on my DX4Win logs this past weekend.  I updated Socorro, Valencia, and Bernallio for the past month’s worth of contacts (which wasn’t many).

Other than that, I was able to work a station in South Carolina on the 20 meter county hunter’s net. I was in Socorro county at the time, and on my Kenwood TS-130S.

My goals this week are to call about the status of my Yaesu FT-857D and to pull off a successful Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) club fair.  A successful club fair means an updated charter, a budget submitted, twenty members (even if they aren’t yet hams) and all of the rest of the official packet submitted on time.

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Amateur Radio This Week   Leave a comment

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Amateur Radio This Week: #9   Leave a comment

I checked into the SCAT Net three times and the Caravan Club Net once over the past week.  All of these occurred on the two meter side.

On HF, I made one 10 meter contact (Socorro County to Long Island), and two 20 meter contacts (one in the NC QSO Party, and one special event station, WK3N/AAW).  I have listened on 6, 10 and 20 meters and called CQ on 10 meters with no takers.   I had hoped to work a local school station that took a field trip to the Petroglyphs, but I did not hear them on the air at all.

I moved my Kenwood TS-130s to my shed; this way I can operate while doing things around the shop.  I intend to listen on 20 meters and jump on any county hunting stations I hear.  I haven’t fully connected it though, as my coaxial cable does not reach the antenna at this time.

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Daily Radio Report: 7/25/15   Leave a comment

After spending a week completely immersed in radio, I did not play on the radio at all yesterday.

Today, I may run a few counties on 20 meters, depending on traffic, conditions, etc.

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