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I ordered the capacitor I needed for my Kenwood TS-130S, and it arrived this weekend.  I have not yet installed it, but I will do that this week.  Hopefully, the new capacitor will fix the audio problems I was having with this radio.

Unfortunately, I need to replace the 20 meter Hamstick that was on the Crown Victoria.  I took the car to Firestone for a repair and they snapped off the antenna in their garage.  I spoke with the manager (who was on the scene when this happened), and he said that he will make sure I get reimbursed for a replacement antenna.

Other than that, I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net once.

I have not been very active operating the radio.  This upcoming week, I will repair the capacitor and perhaps update my logbook and DX4Win log.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2017.38   3 comments

This week has been exciting for me in Amateur Radio. I started out at home, working through some of my radio equipment and beginning repairs.

I am having troubles getting on HF at home. I have two three HF rigs, all of which seem to be having their own problems.

First, my Kenwood TS-130S display and sound are non-functional. The rig worked fine for a while in my Crown Vic a few years ago, but then, one day, stopped displaying and making noise. I powered this radio up in the house and found that the RF/AF knob is loose. As it wobbles, the display and the sound come and go. I tightened this as best I could (without disassembling the radio), and now it seems to work just fine.

Second, my Kenwood TS-450S has two problems. One problem was that the VFO has been loose for a long time, leading to a lot of play in the knob. I removed the VFO knob (through the set screw on the side), and then adjusted the screws that hold the VFO in place. The next problem is that the audio does some strange things. The radio “sounds” like it is stuck in USB mode, no matter what. An internet search and some poking around internally, and I found that the C104 capacitor ruptured, as shown below.

The final problem I addressed was trying to understand why my Morse Code key played a continuous series of dits on my Kenwood TS-570D.  As it turns out, there are two separate CW ports, and I have the key plugged into the paddle port.  Problem solved!

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2017.37   2 comments

This week has been a bit frustrating, as I found out the Malibu has a blown head gasket.  It’s probably off to the crusher for it, and I can’t even focus on anything.

I pulled the radio equipment and antennas from this vehicle, and have them sitting in my office.

I don’t have much else to say.


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This week, I was not very active on the air at all.  I don’t even think I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net but once or twice.  I fully intended on checking into the Grant County ARES Net when I was in Silver City this weekend, but I ended up not doing that, either.

The Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) had their first recruiting event of the year, and I hear that they are filling out all of the paperwork to become an official club again this semester (it must be renewed each semester).  I will know more about it soon, as our first meeting is coming up in the next week or so.

Hopefully, I’ll be more active this week.

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In some ways, I was not very “radio-active” this week, as I made very few contacts.  I still have not logged my DX QSL cards that showed up a week ago, and I have not put my North American QSO Party contacts into DX4Win.  I did virtually no transmitting, other than one check-in to the Albuquerque SCAT NET.

However, I did go to a full-day amateur radio class hosted at my church on Sunday.  This was the middle of three sessions (the first happened when I was in Wyoming, last weekend), and covered some of the guts of amateur radio.  The class is moving very quickly, due to the expanded question pool for the Technician Class license, as compared to the 2009-2011 days when I was teaching it on a regular basis.

I have agreed to host a review session before their exam on Friday, September 8, to help fill in what they missed during these sessions and during their studies.

So, in other ways, I’ve been “radio-active.”

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This week was relatively busy for me in the world of amateur radio.

I started out the week strong by checking into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times, once from each vehicle.

On Saturday evening, I worked 12 stations on 20 meters during the North American QSO Party contest.  I have not yet submitted my log, but perhaps I will do that this week.

I also received a QSL envelope from the DX Bureau.  It looks like there are quite a few Japanese and Brazilian stations in there, but I haven’t checked my logs yet.

Also, the highlight of this week was traveling to the solar eclipse.  I went to rural Wyoming and saw the total eclipse, as we were right on the 100%, 2:28 duration line.  I tried making 6 meter contacts during the eclipse, giving out DN72, but nobody responded.

The traffic leaving the eclipse was incredible.  There were cars everywhere.  I hopped on the Wheatland, WY, 2 meter repeater (146.880 MHz) and listened in on the informal net.  Everyone was reporting their position and whether there was traffic (there always was).  I jumped in and gave a few reports, too.

I had an eyeball QSO with one of the operators, though he didn’t see me.  He described his family and where he was traveling on the radio.  Later, at a rest stop, my girlfriend waited in line behind his wife, who was describing their travel.  Sure enough, a few minutes later, both of them drove by us in the parking lot, with a magnet mount and an HT.

Overall, it was a good week, and I have some logging to finish up.

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I had a great time playing in amateur radio, this week.

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net several times on the two meter side from several different radios.  Yesterday, I checked into the Sandoval County ARES Two Meter Net.  It was the first time I checked into that net.

This weekend, I attended the Duke City Hamfest, the state’s premier hamfest.  On Saturday, I browsed the tailgating section and the vendor section.  I chatted with a few of my friends that were in town at the hamfest; some of them were representing various clubs as well.

I missed out on buying a new-in-box Radio Shack HTX-10 for $30.  I figured I would make a lap before buying anything, and it was gone by the time I returned.  I did buy a low pass filter in hopes of reducing the noise in my Crown Vic (it didn’t help).

I attended several talks.  The first was about coax.  The second was the ARRL Forum, where ARRL representatives asked us what we would like to see in the league.   After that, I attended a talk about building electronic kits.

The highlight of the first day was attending a session where I built a tiny 20 meter transceiver.  So far, I haven’t got it running, but I will try again this weekend.

One day last week, I gave a tour of the Tech Amateur Radio Association to a first responder who was in town.  We had a great time talking radio.

I will dedicate an entire post to my 20 meter transceiver another time, as I am still troubleshooting it.

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