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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.03   Leave a comment

This week was especially slow for amateur radio.   I made no HF contacts, sent no QSL cards, and did very little repair work to my antennas.

I determined my 40 meter Hamstick has failed.  It was bent near the top, and that caused it to wobble and loosen itself.  I kept tightening it, but eventually, it damaged the threads at the base of the antenna.  Thankfully, it didn’t tear up the mount, as another Hamstick threaded up tight.  I might be able to rethread the base of the old one.

I did check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net almost every day this week, all from the 145.330 MHz repeater.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2018.52   Leave a comment

I have been active on 20 meters and 40 meters throughout my Christmas trip.  I’ve added a few new Maidenhead grid squares and a few new counties in FL and GA.  I will update the graphics, DX4Win logs and LOTW in the next day or so.

I worked 4U1WB, the World Bank’s radio station in DC, twice.  I also worked several of the “12 Days of Christmas stations”.

On our return trip, I will drive through MD, PA, OH, IN, IL, MO, OK, TX and NM.  The grid square game will end at 23:59 Z on 1/1/19, so I will probably only get a few more grid squares.  Unfortunately, we are bound by time on the back end of this trip, and I’ll probably even retrace the same route.  Even so, I hope to get a few more.

Today, I’ve operated from 60 Maidenhead grid squares this year.  I’m up to 1206 counties total as well.  I don’t know how many more I will add on this trip.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2018.40   Leave a comment

This week was much slower to start out.  I did not make any 40 meter contacts in the evenings, like I did last week.  I did have a great conversation with a guy in Minnesota on 20 meters.

This weekend, I rerouted the coax at my house.  I have begun checking out my antenna situation at home, and the first step was to track each piece of coax.  I did make one contact on the vertical antenna (40 meters) during the Texas QSO party, to that was a good sign.  My dipole is trash, and I need to repair it.

I also ran Socorro County, NM, on the 20 meter County Hunters Net.  It has been a long time since I ran a county.  I made several contacts today during that net, both running Socorro and listening to the net.

In the VHF/UHF realm, I checked into the SCAT Net a few times, and I checked into the Caravan Club once.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2018.38   Leave a comment

This week, I was quite active on HF.  Several evenings, I jumped on 40 meters from my truck.  I worked three or four stations in the Route 66 special event, as well as K4MIA/8, which was a special event station for members of the armed forces that went MIA in combat.  I also made a 20 meter contact on my way back from Magdalena as well.

I have updated my logbook, and will update DX4Win and LOTW in the next few days.

I was not as active on VHF/UHF.  I checked into the Caravan Club (444 MHz), and the SCAT Net only once (145.330 MHz).

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2018.37   Leave a comment

I actually made a few HF contacts this week. I worked the Fort Bragg 100 year anniversary station on 20 meters and one of the Route 66 stations on 40 meters. That was my first 40 meter contact in a long time!

I set up a Yaesu FT-857D in the Ranger with a 40 meter Hamstick. The antenna is not great, and my 40 meter contact was across town, but I will work on that soon.

I also checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times and the Caravan Club Net on Sunday night.

The Tech Amateur Radio Association is up and running as well. Soon, they will be having regular meetings and events, and I’ll see if I can attend any of them. I should once in a while, as I am the faculty advisor for the club.

I will update my logbooks soon.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2018.11   Leave a comment

I had a relatively productive week on amateur radio.  I say that, but I only made a few contacts.

I took a trip to Deming, NM, and then drove even farther south from there (to the Mexican border).  Along the way, I operated from two new grid squares (DM61, DM62).  DM61 was a rare one, as it is mostly located in rural Mexico.  Even so, I only made one contact in it.  This is probably because I only had a 40 meter HF antenna and it was the middle of the day when I traveled there.

I will update the graphics as soon as I can.  Right now, the NMT FTP server is down, so I can’t update any images.

I also updated my logbooks.  Next will be updating DX4Win.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2017.8   Leave a comment

This week, I was a little more active on amateur radio. I checked into the SCAT Net several times, including once from home on the 444.000 MHz repeater on my Alinco DR-605.

I am having trouble with the Alinco on the 2 meter side. It tends to power down as soon as I start to transmit. It doesn’t (so far) when I use the 70 centimeter side.

I also made a few HF contacts this weekend. Conditions were strange on 20 meters. The same station would go from 5×9+20 dB to 2×2, then back up again. Even so, I was able to log a few contacts. I did work N9B, which is some special event station concerning beer, I am assuming, as they kept identifying as “N 9 Beer”.

I checked into the Early Bird net on 40 meters, but then had trouble copying any of the stations, so I’m not sure whether I made two solid contacts there or not.

I finally updated my logbook, DX4Win, and LOTW, and emptied my digital recorder. I will start sending QSL cards this week and hopefully catch up on those soon.

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