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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.11   Leave a comment

The conditions on 40 meters have been worse this week than last.  The NORCARs net and the RV Net have been very weak, and I did not work them nearly as often as I did last week.  I did hear a station from Chile, but couldn’t break the pileup.

I did send out a few QSL cards.  At this point, I have mailed out cards for 49 states on 20 meters.  I have made a contact in DE on 20 meters, but I believe he is a silent key, unfortunately.

I will probably send an envelope to the DX Bureau soon, as I have quite a few DX cards to send.  I should also check up and see how many envelopes I have at the incoming bureau as well.

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times and the Caravan Club Net on Sunday night.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.09   Leave a comment

This weekend, I spent some time organizing the Hamstick antennas I have.  I trashed a few broken ones and started tuning some of the ones that I have.  As it stands, I have tuned:

20 meters
15 meters

Crown Vic:
40 meters
17 meters
15 meters

10 meters
12 meters
20 meters
40 meters

I also have some Hustler resonators that I need to tune.

Sunday evening, I reorganized the coaxial cable coming into my house as well.  I think everything is hooked up correctly at this time.  My Alinco DR605 will still power off randomly if I transmit at high power, but on low power, I can hit the Socorro repeater, so I can’t really complain about low power.

I also measured the HF vertical in my yard with the antenna analyzer.  If I cut the tuning coil out, it resonates on 20 meters.  I will see if I can make some contacts this weekend.

In terms of operating, I worked a station in Georgia on 40 meters a few mornings ago, and I was able to check into the 40 meter NORCARS net this morning.  I hadn’t checked into the NORCARS net since my Socorro days- but I used to check into it regularly there.  Part of the net exchange is local gas price, and I used to listen to it before any of my road trips (and before I discovered

I also checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net and Caravan Club Net as I could.  I updated my logs and sent a few QSL cards as well.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.07   Leave a comment

After an exciting week of DX, I thought I’d be more active this week.  I did make a 40 meter HF contact or two, but that was about it.

Even though my 20 meter antenna on the truck is fantastic, I had some electrical troubles in the truck.  I ended up replacing the alternator on Monday, and that helped.  Hopefully, I’ll be active again this week.  I heard Belgium this morning, but they didn’t hear me.

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times, as well as the Caravan Club Net.  I am having trouble with that radio on 70 centimeters, as well as any transmissions at high power.  I may look into it sometime this summer.  I’m not sure what is happening yet, but I’m able to check into the local nets, so I haven’t investigated thoroughly.

I was able to attend the Tech Amateur Radio Association meeting this week as well.  It was fun, though we mostly chatted and didn’t do much radio.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.06   Leave a comment

I have been active with amateur radio this week, believe it or not.  I started out by updating my logbooks and sending out a few QSL cards.  I have more to send, but it was good to get started on that project.

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times, as well as the Caravan Club Net.

I signed the official Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) paperwork to be their faculty advisor again.  I also borrowed their antenna analyzer for fixing some of my HF antennas.

I tested the SWR/power output from my Alinco DR-605 at home.  At high power, the radio power cycles.  It turns out this is NOT an SWR problem, as the antenna is a good match.  It is a radio problem, so I’ll have to look into that some more later.

On Sunday night, I worked on the 40 meter Hamstick that is mounted on the Crown Vic.  It is now tuned so that the SWR is low between 7.115 MHz to 7.260 MHz.  I could shift it a bit more towards the top end of the band, but this will work for now.

Yesterday, I attended the second TARA meeting of the semester.  I did a little cleaning around the shop and started scheming for an antenna mount.  I’ll think about that a bit more, but hope to have one mounted by the end of the semester.

I also tuned my 20 meter Hamstick, currently mounted on the Ranger.  It is rock-solid now as well for the entire 20 meter SSB band.

This morning, I tested the 20 meter Hamstick, and made two contacts.  Lithuania (LY5A) and Slovenia (S57DX).  Not bad at all!!

I’m looking forward to being back on the air.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.05   Leave a comment

This week has been another slow one for amateur radio.  I checked into the SCAT Net almost every day this week, and I checked into the Caravan Club Net on Sunday night.  Other than that, I’ve done no radio operation.

I did, however, get my card rekeyed for access to the NMT Tech Amateur Radio Association station, and will borrow their antenna analyzer this weekend.  Hopefully, I can get my car and truck antennas corrected for making contacts again.  I will also attend their weekly meeting on Monday.

I did get a few QSL cards in the mail as well.  I’ll get those logged tomorrow.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.03   Leave a comment

I didn’t do much radio operating this week.  I’ve been cleaning up a small flood at my house and taking the opportunity to get things organized.

I have been slowly logging the QSL cards I received while I was gone.  I still have a few left to log.

I have updated and finalized all of my grid chase stuff.  Overall, I was disappointed in this contest.  As far as SSB was concerned, there was virtually nobody on.  I was often willing to drive way out of my way to operate from a new grid square, only to find nobody answered my CQ.  I know a lot of it has to do with the solar cycle, the low participation on the county hunters net, and the uptick in activity on FT8.  However, it was frustrating to drive down to the Mexico border and only get like one QSO, and that was the same person I’d worked in the previous grid square.  He wasn’t even playing in the grid chase, but I called him back to make a contact for myself anyhow.

I did check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times.  I checked into the Caravan Club on Sunday as well.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2018.50   Leave a comment

I didn’t make many new contacts this week, but I have been on fire updating my logbooks and sending QSL cards.  I did check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times and the Caravan Club once.

I had made it a goal to get my WAS on 20 meters by the end of the year.  I have worked all of the stations, but not sent the QSL cards.  Now, I’ve sent all but four.  However, my contact in Delaware passed away, so I will need to work that state again.  I put in a good effort.

I was in San Diego for the weekend, and listened on a local repeater from my Yaesu VX-7R, but was unable to hit the repeater from inside my hotel room.

I also read the December issue of QST.  I especially liked the article in “The World Above 50 MHz” titled “Hurricane Tropospheric Propogation from Florence”, by Jon Jones, N0JK.  This article discussed how there was increased tropospheric ducting ahead of Florence because of a high pressure system that lingered for days. [1]

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[1] Jones, Jon.  “Hurricane Tropospheric Propogation from Florence”.  QST, December 2018, pp 94-95.