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This Week in Amateur Radio: 2017.31   Leave a comment

I have been working through my logbook, updating DX4Win to reflect my travels to Illinois.  It looks like I operated from 25 new counties, and added 69 new QSOs to my logs.  All of my contacts were on 20 meter SSB, most of which were on the 14.336 MHz County Hunter’s Net.

I will update the graphics some time this week.

Other than updating DX4Win, I have checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net twice on the two meter side from my Yaesu VX-7R.  I will keep checking in when I can throughout this week.

I have also started some of my work at NMT.  I will see what needs to be done to restart the Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) again this year.  I would really like to get an HF antenna up and running.  I know the president of the club is working on a repeater project, and I’m sure the station needs a good cleaning.

Thank you for reading my post.


PSK Reporter + Daily Summary   Leave a comment

I made one county hunting QSO today from my home station. I think he was in Des Moines, IA. There was the DE, MN, and VT QSO parties this weekend, and I did make one contact in the VT one yesterday. I would have liked to have put forth more effort in those contests, but I had too many other irons in the fire yesterday.

Also, my father, N4ST, sent me this cool PSK link: PSK Reporter I need to get my PSK system set up and running. I have the appropriate cables, and a Signalink, so I need to put them together.

Monthly Summary: January 2013   Leave a comment

This month featured a county hunting trip across southern Texas. It was an incredible amount of fun, and surprisingly pretty countryside.

HF QSOs: 685
VHF QSOs: 18

2 meters: 18
10 meters: 1
12 meters: 1
15 meters: 1
17 meters: 1
20 meters: 680
40 meters: 1

SSB: 685
FM: 18

Station(HF + VHF):
Mobile: 676 + 8
Fixed: 9 + 10

Bernalillo, NM: 7
Sandoval, NM: 15
Socorro, NM: 7
Valencia, NM: 12
Andrews, TX: 20
Atascosa, TX: 17
Bexar, TX: 10
Brooks, TX: 6
Cameron, TX: 11
Crane, TX: 26
Dimmett, TX: 27
Duvall, TX: 4
Ector/Midland, TX: 24
El Paso, TX: 4
Frio, TX: 14
Gillespie, TX: 4
Hidalgo, TX: 18
Hudspeth, TX: 12
Irion, TX: 21
Jim Hogg, TX: 20
Jim Wells, TX: 4
Kendall, TX: 1
Kenedy, TX: 15
Kerr, TX: 5
Kimble, TX: 4
Kinney, TX: 6
Kleberg, TX: 6
LaSalle, TX: 13
Loving, TX: 26
Maverick, TX: 3
Medina, TX: 12
Menard, TX: 22
Pecos/Terrell, TX: 14
Presido, TX: 2
Presido/Brewster, TX: 20
Reagan, TX: 32
Reeves, TX: 24
Schleicher, TX: 26
Starr, TX: 23
Upton, TX: 24
Uvalde, TX: 7
Val Verde, TX: 5
Ward, TX: 20
Webb, TX: 12
Willacy, TX: 16
Winkler, TX: 19
Zapata, TX: 20
Zavala, TX: 18

County Hunting: 674
Contest (NA Sprint): 7
Ragchew (HF): 2
Ragchew (VHF): 1
DX: 1
Net (HF): 1
Net (VHF): 17

DX Entities:
US, Canada, Australia, Hawaii

Graphics updated

Road Trip Day #1   Leave a comment

THe Malibu crossed 271,000 miles slightly west of Alpine, TX eastbound on US-90.

Today, I ran a bunch of counties on the 20 meter SSB county hunter net. There was a fair

amount of activity, so I ended up running several of the counties on 14.339 MHz instead of

14.336 MHz. At one point, there were three mobile stations (myself included) waiting to

run from county lines.

Counties ran today:

Brewster, TX
Culberson, TX
El Paso, TX
Hudspeth, TX
Jeff Davis, TX
Maverick, TX
Pecos, TX
Presido, TX
Terrell, TX
Val Verde, TX””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’

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Daily Radio Report   Leave a comment

I checked into the SCAT net this morning on 145.330MHz and monitored the 20m county hunter net. I could not hear any of the mobile stations on the county hunter net, but I could hear the stations talking to them.

A few days ago, I ran Bernalillo county and Valencia county and racked up a few contacts. I need to update DX4win.

UHF and a County Hunter   Leave a comment

I picked up two QSOs on the 442.750MHz repeater, both concerning a wildfire that started a few miles away. It looks like most of the fire is under control, but there was a lot of smoke throughout the night.

I also managed to work one station on 20M SSB in Hubbard, MN on the county hunter’s net.

5-28-12 Storm Chase/County Hunting Day: 227 QSOs   Leave a comment

As I slowly empty my digital voice recorder, here are my totals for 5/28/12. More posts to come….

Barton, KS* 1
Stafford, KS* 23
Pratt, KS* 18
Barbour, KS* 24
Woods, OK 18
Major, OK 18
Dewey, OK 12
Custer, OK 25
Washita, OK 17
Kiowa, OK 10
Tillman, OK* 22
Wilbarger, TX 20
Baylor, TX 19

* means a new county for me.