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Amateur Radio This Week: 2017.27   Leave a comment

I have finally caught up on all of my logs and DX4Win electronic logs.  Now, I don’t feel as guilty getting on the air!  When my logs are behind, I am reluctant to make more contacts.

Yesterday, I also sent away 15 QSL/MRCs, and I am slowly catching up on those as well.

Yesterday, I also received a call about my Yaesu FT-857D.  $145 and it is on its way home.  It had a bad coax connector (where it mounted to the board) and several other things.  The coaxial connector, I could have found and fixed, but the other stuff, not as easy.  Either way, it ships tomorrow, and I should get it back soon.

I posted a comment on the forum, as I will be going to Illinois in a few weeks, and, because I am driving, I will be running mobile counties.

Thank you for reading my post, and have a Happy Independence Day!

Amateur Radio This Week: #29   2 comments

I finished logging all of the contacts on my digital recorder in both paper logs and DX4Win.  I am ready to start making contacts again!

I will probably ship my Yaesu FT-857D to the factory this afternoon, as it has not functioned properly for a few months now.  It is discouraging, but it needs to be done.

Thank you for reading my post.


Amateur Radio This Week: #28   Leave a comment

I’m the mobile NM QSO Party Champion this year, so I’m just doing champion things, like posting this link:  NM QSO Party Results.   Go me!  (I’m not actually this big of a jerk, I just play one online).

I took a trip down to the Pacific Northwest, and have been spending time in Seattle.  I have been dealing with all sorts of RF problems (as mentioned before), so I have not been on the air.

Today, I took a trip to the Ham Radio Outlet in Portland, OR, and picked up a vertical ground radial kit for my vertical antenna at home.  I also picked up a thick grounding strap in hopes of providing a better grounding strap for the magnet mount on the van.  I ran the ground strap from the ring where the shield of the coax is connected to the magnet to a screw in the driver’s door.  So far, it appears all that has happened is that my antenna is now deaf.  I’ll have to look into this some more.

I used my ARRL Birthday coupon to buy a Field Day 2016 patch and a pin.  I think I paid $1 all said and done, so I am pleased.

I also finished out my NM QSO Party logbook entries- they are all logged in DX4Win.  I still have a handful of contacts on a digital recorder that happened post-NM QSO Party that need to be logged.

Thank you for reading my post.

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This week, I was able to update my DX4Win logs from my March 2016 trip across country. I still have the NM QSO Party, storm chasing and miscellaneous contacts to log, however.

I renewed my Logbook of the World (LOTW) certificate this morning.

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times, the Caravan Club Net once, and I also made one HF contact on the County Hunter’s Net.

I also need to dump my voice recorder, as it is full. Some of the contacts have been logged, but not deleted, and some have not been logged yet.  I have my work cut out for me over the next few days.  If you are waiting for a QSL card from me, be patient, as I am desperately behind on sending those out.

Thank you for reading my post.

Amateur Radio This Week: #11   Leave a comment

This week, I finally updated my logbook and DX4Win to reflect the contacts I made during the DX contest.  I am up to 58 countries worked fro my home.

I also played in the Wisconsin QSO Party.  I worked several stations, and picked up five new counties in that state.

I did not check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net, but I did check into the Caravan Club Net.

I also updated KC5ORO’s logbook, as I made three contacts from the Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) callsign.

Thank you for reading my post.

Daily Radio Report: 11/1/15   Leave a comment

I tested out my Alinco yesterday, and, to my surprise, I have the same problem I always had. I will test it out on a different power supply and antenna in the next few days and see if that changes anything.

I updated my DX4Win logs and returned one QSL card.

I am slowly catching up!

Thank you for reading this post.

Daily Radio Report: 10/14/15   Leave a comment

Another day, another bunch of unsuccessful attempts to make contacts on ten meters.

I did, however, update my DX4Win logs. Now, I am ready to work through my pile of QSL cards.

I also spoke with the Tech Amateur Radio Association president, and we will have a meeting next week.

Thank you for reading this post.