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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.35   Leave a comment

This week, I finally sent some of the QSL cards.  I’ve been piling envelopes on my desk, and finally started filling them out and sending them out this week.  I’ve been updating my logbooks and DX4Win as well.

Speaking of DX4Win, it crashed this week and wouldn’t open again.  I downloaded the automatic updater, and let it update all the files that needed updating.  The newest version of the country file fixed the error.

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times, though I did not check into any other nets or make any HF contacts this week.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.32   Leave a comment

I didn’t do a lot of radio-related stuff this week.  I did check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net this morning, and I found my HT charger so that I can take it with me, and check in again.

I updated my HF logs, which were out of date since I left for California a few weeks ago.  I also updated my graphics here, as I was able to operate from a new county (Riverside, CA) during my trip to CA.

This next week, I intend to sort and send a few QSL cards, which have piled up on my desk.  I also would like to play with recording the voltage drop when I transmit on VHF from my home.  I have a bug there that I haven’t yet figured out.  I’ll describe it when I have more data.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.17   Leave a comment

On one hand, I was not very active on amateur radio this week.  On the other hand, I spent a bunch of time updating my logbooks.  I was able to submit my NM QSO Party log on time, and updated DX4Win as well.

I did check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times, mostly from my Yaesu VX-7R on the 70 centimeter side.

I removed the Yaesu FT-857D from my truck this week.  My truck was broken into, but they didn’t bother to steal the radio, which is a little strange.  Even so, I will need to install it into a school vehicle next week anyhow.

Next week, I will leave Wednesday with five high school students and a high school teacher for a week of storm chasing in the Great Plains.  I’m getting everything ready for that, and that is taking up some of my free time.  I will have at least a dual bander, plus perhaps 20 meters.  I’ll see about running some counties.

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This Week in Amateur Radio: 2017.47   Leave a comment

I wasn’t nearly so active on the radio this past week.  I did manage to get my ARRL SSB Sweepstakes log submitted just in the nick of time, however.  The time to submit has been reduced to five days, and I turned it in on Day 4 after the contest.  I have also updated my logbook and am catching up on my DX4Win Logs.  I will need to send in for the pin soon, as that is a separate process.

Here is a section map for this year’s sweepstakes contest:

ssb sweepstakes 2017

I believe I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times as well.

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Daily Radio Report: 9/19/15   Leave a comment

I attached the ground radials to their proper locations on my vertical antenna today. Well, for the most part. One of them, I attached to the bracket that attaches to the proper location, as electrically, they are at the same potential, and the bracket actually interferes with me removing the bolt to attach the ground radial. This ground radial is also radiator clamped to the ground rod a few inches from the base of the antenna.

The antenna is still deaf, however, and I have more trouble shooting to do.

I caught up my log books for VHF and HF, as well as updated DX4Win. Today, I will send out a few QSL cards, and start working down that pile.

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