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Amateur Radio This Week: 2018.32   Leave a comment

I told you this week I would be more active.  I operated from a handful of new counties and new grid squares along our drive to North Dakota.  I had not operated from North Dakota yet, so that was a new state for me.  I am only missing MT, HI, and AK.

I made all of my contacts on 20 meter SSB.  Quite a few of them were DX stations, including Slovenia.  There were others.  I actually had a good path over the pole into Europe over the past few days.  I heard several stations from Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, the UK, and Italy.

Today is the rest of my return trip to New Mexico.  Perhaps I’ll make a few more contacts along the way.

Thank you for reading my post.


Daily Radio Report   Leave a comment

I played around again on 10 meters this afternoon from my car. I managed to work a station in Brazil, but heard stations in FL, NC, DE, Chile, Japan, and Cuba.

I heard some station that was telling folks “up 5”, but there is no convenient way to do this on the Yaesu FT-857D, at least not while driving around town.

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May 2012: Monthly Summary   Leave a comment

HF QSOs: 505

2 meters: 2
20 meters: 505

FM: 2
SSB: 505

Mobile: 507

Barbour, KS: 24
Barton, KS: 1
Clark, KS: 9
Comanche, KS: 9
Edwards, KS: 1
Ford, KS: 8
Kiowa, KS: 7
Meade, KS: 14
Pawnee, KS: 4
Pratt, KS: 18
Rush, KS: 2
Seward, KS: 8
Stafford, KS: 23
Bernalillo, NM: 5
Quay, NM: 9
Socorro, NM: 2
Valencia, NM: 2
Blaine, OK: 28
Comanche, OK: 11
Cotton, OK: 8
Custer, OK: 32
Dewey, OK: 32
Ellis, OK: 1
Harper, OK: 1
Kiowa, OK: 17
Major, OK: 18
Texas, OK: 26
Tillman, OK: 35
Washita, OK: 21
Woods, OK: 25
Woodward, OK: 9
Baylor, TX: 19
Dallam, TX: 8
Moore, TX: 21
Sherman, TX: 26
Wilbarger, TX: 20

County Hunting: 505
Ragchewing VHF: 2

DX Entities:
US, UK, Lithuania, Venezuela

Graphics updated

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11/22/11 Daily Post   Leave a comment

I worked a 10-10 station from Germany today. I will update my graphics later.

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10/20/11 Daily Radio Report   Leave a comment

I managed to work only one county hunting station yesterday:

From Valencia County, NM
Rockbridge, VA

It has been a long time since I last posted. I will have a major update session this weekend and post much more about my radio operating. It took me two weeks to copy everything from my voice recorder, so I’ll post the results and updated maps on here soon.

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9-7-11 Daily Radio Report   Leave a comment

On the way home, I managed to work ZL1BD, Al in New Zealand on 20 meters. That’s a long ways from New Mexico!!!

I made a few county hunting contacts yesterday, but I left my voice recorder in my office in Socorro, so I have not been able to log them yet.

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Mobile Report   1 comment

I haven’t gone through my tape (especially because I use a digital recorder…), but I operated mobile from nine new counties in Texas yesterday. I’ll add more information (including a monthly summary) hopefully this evening after the conference.

New Counties
Bailey, TX
Brown, TX
Coleman, TX
Hockley, TX
Lamb, TX
Lubbock, TX
Mills, TX
Mitchell, TX
Runnels, TX

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