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Amateur Radio This Week: 2017.27   Leave a comment

I have finally caught up on all of my logs and DX4Win electronic logs.  Now, I don’t feel as guilty getting on the air!  When my logs are behind, I am reluctant to make more contacts.

Yesterday, I also sent away 15 QSL/MRCs, and I am slowly catching up on those as well.

Yesterday, I also received a call about my Yaesu FT-857D.  $145 and it is on its way home.  It had a bad coax connector (where it mounted to the board) and several other things.  The coaxial connector, I could have found and fixed, but the other stuff, not as easy.  Either way, it ships tomorrow, and I should get it back soon.

I posted a comment on the forum, as I will be going to Illinois in a few weeks, and, because I am driving, I will be running mobile counties.

Thank you for reading my post, and have a Happy Independence Day!


Daily Radio Report: 2/1/15   Leave a comment

Today, I made two contacts.

The first contact was on 10 meters, and was into Florida. The other station said I had some RF on my signal, but that may have been due to over-driving the microphone.

The second contact was checking into the Caravan Club Net on 145.330 MHz. I try to check into this net every Sunday night, but I am hit or miss with it.

I also finished off WY8I’s MRC/QSL card. Now, I have a stack of them (though none with 82 QSOs) still to process!

Thank you for reading my post!

Daily Radio Report: 8/29/14   Leave a comment

The 20 meter band has been in bad shape the last few days. I have only heard a handful of stations over the last two days. I can barely hear the net control operator of the 20 meter SSB County Hunter’s Net, and I can almost always hear him.

I updated my mobile counties page: 943 counties in 46 states.

I have completed logging the large stack of QSL/MRC cards that has built up over the last two months. It feels good to get those on their way.

I will drive to Hatch, NM today, but I see that AB7NK/K7SEN are headed south as well, a few minutes ahead of me. I won’t run the counties, but perhaps I will put up the 6 meter antenna and listen there.

Thank you for reading my post, and if you are waiting for a QSL/MRC card from me, it should be on its way soon.

Daily Radio Report: 8/28/14   Leave a comment

I made one county hunter contact today on the 20 meter SSB net. Band conditions have been terrible. You can tune from one end of the band to the other and only hear a handful of signals.

I sent out a bunch of QSL cards today, but I still have many more to go. I will hopefully finish those out this weekend.

Stay tuned, I hope to play on the radio this weekend!

Log Updates   Leave a comment

I finally had a few minutes to start going through my backlog of QSL cards that I had received. Within a few minutes, it became apparent to me that my summer Colorado run had not been logged in DX4Win.

Hopefully, I will get to update that soon.

Also, my new radio layout is coming together nicely. It will be good to be on the air again after such a long time. I’ve only made one HF and one VHF QSO so far this year, which is just sad.

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Weekly Report   Leave a comment

This has been a busy county hunting week. I think the convention is this weekend, so there were lots of people on the road. I picked up several new counties on the 20 meter SSB county hunter net:

CO: Sedgwick, Rio Blacno
ID: Gooding, Cassia, Caribou
MT: McCone, Big Horn
NE: Deuel, Knox
TX: Upshur
SD: Grant, Deuel, Edmunds, Meade, Lawrence, Bennett, Butte
WI: Iron

I also sent out a handful of QSL/MRCs, confirming ~15 QSOs or so, and updated DX4Win.

I’m currently shopping for 6 meter antennas and getting ready for a camping trip to Carson National Forest. I will be taking my Yaesu VX-7R with me, and even have a nice place to mount it on my backpack.

Daily-ish Radio Report   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I worked N5MLP in several LA parishes on the 20 meter SSB County Hunter Net (14.336 MHz). I even had the opportunity to check for relays for him, which was cool. I rarely am in a position where I can actually check for relays, but I checked yesterday. There were none, but I was glad I could help.

This morning, I checked into the 2 meter SCAT Net on 145.330 MHz. I did so using my Yaesu VX-7R from inside my car. Reception was scratchy, but I was able to copy the first part of the net as I drove from Rio Rancho to Socorro. I like to give the HT a work out once in a while.

I have almost caught up on my QSL/MRC cards. For those of you unfamiliar with county hunting, MRCs contain multiple QSOs per card. This saves everyone time and money- I send one card back to verify a bunch of QSOs. However, on some of my long county hunting trips, I’ll receive multiple MRCs for the many counties I passed through. I think the record right now is 21 QSOs to verify and send in one envelope.

Tomorrow is some sort of North American Sprint contest. I’ll look at playing in that contest perhaps.