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This Week in Amateur Radio: 2017.23   1 comment

I borrowed the NMT Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) Yaesu FT-857D to compare against my own.  While mine has S9 +20dB noise on all bands, all of the time, theirs hovers between S3-S7.  I am currently borrowing their rig for this particular road trip.

With TARA’s radio, I was able to make a few contacts this weekend, in both a shipboard contest and the Alabama QSO Party, though I have not yet updated my logs.

I spoke with Yaesu customer service and they said to send mine in for a repair, which I will do as soon as I have time to go to a post office.

I’m currently on the road to the east coast, but one of these mornings, I will have some extra time and can send it off.

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Amateur Radio This Week: #35   Leave a comment

I finally caught up on my DX4Win logs this past weekend.  I updated Socorro, Valencia, and Bernallio for the past month’s worth of contacts (which wasn’t many).

Other than that, I was able to work a station in South Carolina on the 20 meter county hunter’s net. I was in Socorro county at the time, and on my Kenwood TS-130S.

My goals this week are to call about the status of my Yaesu FT-857D and to pull off a successful Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) club fair.  A successful club fair means an updated charter, a budget submitted, twenty members (even if they aren’t yet hams) and all of the rest of the official packet submitted on time.

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Amateur Radio This Week:#6   Leave a comment

This week was relatively slow for me.  I worked the Albuquerque SCAT net like three times, as well as the Caravan Club net, all of which were on the 2 meter side.

I did make one special event contact (Chinese New Year station in CA), on 17 meters, which was nice. I haven’t logged an HF contact in quite some time.

I taught my third session of the Amateur Radio Licensure Course last night.  I found some of my old lectures, and they are much better than the ones I was creating this time around; I taught the course six years ago, and had several semester’s worth of fine tuning in these presentations versus starting fresh this year.  I used one of my old presentations, though slightly updated to account for the newest question pool.

I had my keycard recoded and was able to get into the Tech Amateur Radio Association station.  I showed this to my radio students as well.  I think this was the highlight of the class so far, as they had plenty of good questions about the equipment there. I also eamiled the police about how we put up a new antenna, though I have not received a response.

I updated my profile as well.

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Amateur Radio This Week: #2   Leave a comment

This week, I finished setting up my new power supply.  I crimped new connectors on the wires to my Rigrunner, and found an appropriate place for the power supply on my desk.  I also played with my outdoor HF antenna, which is still incredibly deaf.

I installed VE7CC’s DX cluster program on my laptop and got the filters set up the way I like.  Now, to get the HF antenna running…

I also made one contact on 10 meters to Brazil from my Radio Shack HTX-10 that is mounted in the Malibu.  It wasn’t as clean as I would have liked it to be, and I may have some work to do to the Hamstick that is mounted on the trunk.  Even so, there were several other stations I could hear during grayline propagation.

I also updated my DX4Win logs from the Christmas trip, as well as the county map used on this website.

This upcoming week will be dedicated to a combination of getting ready for the amateur radio class that I am teaching, as well as working on my HF antenna.

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Daily Radio Report: 10/20/15   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I hosted another Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) club meeting. The president and I switched a few a bare wire connections into Anderson Power Poles.

I was also able to test the Icom IC-22 running, at least on 146.520 MHz.

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Daily Radio Report: 9/30/15   Leave a comment

I didn’t do anything radio-related yesterday, other than to meet with the President of the Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) and start planning for a few future events. We also worked through some paperwork logistics, so nothing worthy of saying more about on this blog.

This weekend, I have several radio projects I would like to accomplish, so I will keep you posted on how those go.

Thank you for reading my blog, even on days like today, where there isn’t much to report.

Daily Radio Report: 9/26/15   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I finished up a proposal to teach an amateur radio course at New Mexico Tech. It is due in a few days, so I’ll wait and see whether it is approved. I really hope it is!

Other than that, I did no radio-related things yesterday.

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