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Amateur Radio This Week: 2017.34   Leave a comment

This week was relatively busy for me in the world of amateur radio.

I started out the week strong by checking into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times, once from each vehicle.

On Saturday evening, I worked 12 stations on 20 meters during the North American QSO Party contest.  I have not yet submitted my log, but perhaps I will do that this week.

I also received a QSL envelope from the DX Bureau.  It looks like there are quite a few Japanese and Brazilian stations in there, but I haven’t checked my logs yet.

Also, the highlight of this week was traveling to the solar eclipse.  I went to rural Wyoming and saw the total eclipse, as we were right on the 100%, 2:28 duration line.  I tried making 6 meter contacts during the eclipse, giving out DN72, but nobody responded.

The traffic leaving the eclipse was incredible.  There were cars everywhere.  I hopped on the Wheatland, WY, 2 meter repeater (146.880 MHz) and listened in on the informal net.  Everyone was reporting their position and whether there was traffic (there always was).  I jumped in and gave a few reports, too.

I had an eyeball QSO with one of the operators, though he didn’t see me.  He described his family and where he was traveling on the radio.  Later, at a rest stop, my girlfriend waited in line behind his wife, who was describing their travel.  Sure enough, a few minutes later, both of them drove by us in the parking lot, with a magnet mount and an HT.

Overall, it was a good week, and I have some logging to finish up.

Thank you for reading my post.



Field Day 2014   Leave a comment

I spent the afternoon and late evening with the High Desert Amateur Radio Club in Rio Rancho, participating in the ARRL Field Day event.    I made a handful of 20 meter SSB contacts, including Hawaii (PAC). 

Field Day brings back so many memories for me, of friends distant and gone.  Mike Knight had formed the New River Wireless Association in 2002 after a Morse Code class he taught wished to keep radio communication going among US.   I was a charter member as well.   We ran several stations on a mountain in Southwest Virginia, and had a great time.

I wore my New River Wireless Association polo shirt when I operated this year.   I am sorry I won’t hear Mike on the radio again.

I did make some new friends this year and am considering joining the club. 

Field Day is great, and if you haven’t operated in one, try it out next year!

NM QSO Party   Leave a comment

This past weekend was the New Mexico QSO Party, where amateur radio operators try to contact as many New Mexico stations as possible.   New Mexican stations get to be the center of a pile up.   

Another neat feature of the contest is that each county in New Mexico worked gets counted as a multiplier for your score.
Because I live in New Mexico, the fun game I chose to play was to travel through as many counties as possible to be that station in the center of the pile ups.   For each county I made 15 contacts from, I get 5000 bonus points.

I have not yet added up my scores.  I have not even cleared my digital recorders, as the first one failed a few hours into the contest.  I will post more information on this blog.

For now, here is the route I drove.  I crossed through 10 counties and traveled just under 700 miles.


Albuquerque SCAT Net   Leave a comment

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net this morning from the Alvarado Transportation Center in downtown Albuquerque. I checked in on my Yaesu VX-7R on the 444.000 MHz repeater.

Glad to check back into this net- it’s been two weeks or so since my last check in.

Daily Radio Report: 7-16-13   Leave a comment

Yesterday was a pretty good day for radio. Not because the conditions were great, because they weren’t. Not because I found out my car is generating a ton of electrical noise, because that’s no good.

I listened to the DX net and worked two stations in VA (there was only one DX station on the net, and I couldn’t hear him). I also managed to work AA9JJ/N9QPQ in Los Alamos County, NM on the 20 meter SSB county hunter net (14.336 MHz).

Los Alamos County is a hard county for me to get- it’s too far for a groundwave, often too close for a skip, and it is so small that conditions must be perfect.

Working Los Alamos made me happy.