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Amateur Radio This Week: #28   Leave a comment

I’m the mobile NM QSO Party Champion this year, so I’m just doing champion things, like posting this link:  NM QSO Party Results.   Go me!  (I’m not actually this big of a jerk, I just play one online).

I took a trip down to the Pacific Northwest, and have been spending time in Seattle.  I have been dealing with all sorts of RF problems (as mentioned before), so I have not been on the air.

Today, I took a trip to the Ham Radio Outlet in Portland, OR, and picked up a vertical ground radial kit for my vertical antenna at home.  I also picked up a thick grounding strap in hopes of providing a better grounding strap for the magnet mount on the van.  I ran the ground strap from the ring where the shield of the coax is connected to the magnet to a screw in the driver’s door.  So far, it appears all that has happened is that my antenna is now deaf.  I’ll have to look into this some more.

I used my ARRL Birthday coupon to buy a Field Day 2016 patch and a pin.  I think I paid $1 all said and done, so I am pleased.

I also finished out my NM QSO Party logbook entries- they are all logged in DX4Win.  I still have a handful of contacts on a digital recorder that happened post-NM QSO Party that need to be logged.

Thank you for reading my post.


Partially Successful and Frustrating Day   Leave a comment

I pulled a few HF QSOs out today on 20 meters. I worked 4 stations in MN (MN QSO Party), 1 station in TX (W1AW/5 special event), 1 station in VT (VT QSO Party), and 1 CO station (ragchewing).

The contest stations were able to dig me out of the noise, but when I spoke to the CO station, he said there was RF on my signal, so much so that the frequency was modulating. I was only running 5 watts. I disconnected my MFJ line filter and tried again. Same thing. Started the car, same thing.

After my QSO with him, I tried to work a Russian station, only to have a stateside station say, “MRA, fix your audio.”

I’m not sure where to begin, but here’s a list of possibilities.

1. Check the battery voltage at the battery and at the Anderson Power Pole connector in my radio box.

2. Change out the microphone

3. Put the radio inside on a real power supply and listen on a different radio and see if the RF is coming from the power loop.

4. If none of these fix it, I will likely send it back to Yaesu again.

It’s a little frustrating. I also need to buy a mic for my VHF/UHF radio, so I am radio dead in my car.