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Amateur Radio This Week: 2018.38   Leave a comment

This week, I was quite active on HF.  Several evenings, I jumped on 40 meters from my truck.  I worked three or four stations in the Route 66 special event, as well as K4MIA/8, which was a special event station for members of the armed forces that went MIA in combat.  I also made a 20 meter contact on my way back from Magdalena as well.

I have updated my logbook, and will update DX4Win and LOTW in the next few days.

I was not as active on VHF/UHF.  I checked into the Caravan Club (444 MHz), and the SCAT Net only once (145.330 MHz).

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Daily Radio Report: 9/18/15   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net on the 2 meter side from home.

In the evening, I fiddled with my HF antenna a bit. I didn’t do much, but I did characterize where things were not the same as what was written in the manual. For one thing, the loading coil was connected by a collar to the shaft of the antenna. This shaft had slid down the antenna such that the coil stuck out at a strange angle. I moved the collar up and adjusted it. I also made note of a few other problems; my ground radials are not attached to the antenna like it says they should be in the instructions.

Anyway, in the evening, I made a 40 meter contact for the Rt 66 on the air. He gave me a good signal report (5×9) although he was just down the road in Albuquerque.

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Daily Radio Report   Leave a comment

I obviously haven’t learned my lesson about clearing my digital recorder. I currently have 13 recordings that need to be transcribed to my log before I accidentally clear them again.

Today, I managed to get several counties while in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties. The counties I talked to were in WI, NY and VT. I heard 9A7R and an Australian station, but was unable to break the pileup to work either.

Yesterday, I worked W6O, who I believe is part of the Route 66 special event network.

There is also some nonsense going on near 14.312 MHz. There are several jammers and who knows what else. I’ve heard them several days in a row now. One person plays clips from a movie, yelling “breaker breaker” and another just yells obscenities. Stay away from there until this clears up.

I forgot to check into the SCAT net today. I have been listening on the 2m radio, using it as a scanner. I think I found the Rio Rancho police car-to-car frequency, and I have a whole bunch of activity at 155.200 MHz, but I’m not sure what it is.