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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.29   Leave a comment

I did manage to make a few 20 meter contacts this week.  I have been operating from my Crown Vic with a Yaesu FT-857D and a Hamstick.  I worked Puerto Rico, Netherlands Antilles, North Carolina, and maybe one or two other places as well.

I was not able to make any contacts from Wisconsin.  I did find a working repeater that I could hit with my Yaesu VX-7R, but I did not make any contacts.  I kept transmitting that I was monitoring the repeater, but I had no replies.

I also checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net once as well.

I will drive to Los Angeles this weekend, so I may get a few contacts along the way.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.26   Leave a comment

This week was a lot less active than I had anticipated.

I barely participated in Field Day.  I made two contacts from my car on 40 meters.  The cool thing is both of them were new states on 40 meters for me, Wyoming and Arkansas.
I will update the graphics soon to reflect this.

I did check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times.  Mostly, I did this from US-60 between Socorro and Magdalena, which is a long-haul to the repeater.  Some days, it was scratchy, but some days I was able to check in with no problems.

I am looking forward to my ARRL order as well. It should arrive any day now.  I did order some call sign stickers for my vehicles.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.25   Leave a comment

This week, I made a contact or two on 40 meters.  I heard Indonesia on 40 meters, but he couldn’t hear me.

I also checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times on the 2 meter side.

I haven’t updated my QSL cards in a few weeks, but I recently received a notice that I was the last county for someone in Kansas a few years ago.

This morning, I went ahead and placed an order with the ARRL.  I picked up my standard assortment of Field Day patches and such, and I had a coupon to receive a free book on grounding, so I am excited about that.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.24   Leave a comment

Believe it or not, I did make a few contacts this past week!  I did a little ragchewing on 20 meters and 40 meters, and worked several stations.  I was operating mobile from the Crown Vic (Socorro and Lincoln counties in New Mexico).

This morning, I was able to check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net from US-60 on my way into Magdalena.  I used the Yaesu FT-7800 in the Crown Vic.

Hopefully, I will do some more radio this week.  I have received a few QSL cards, as well as an eQSL that needs a response.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.22   Leave a comment

Once again, it was a slow week.  I did a little radio communication while storm chasing, spending most of my time monitoring 146.525 MHz, which we used to talk with the Virginia Tech Hokies Storm Chase Team.

With the storm chasing, I spent most of the day active with forecasting, nowcasting and driving, so I did not get to play on HF hardly at all.  I tuned through a few times, but we had very little down time on this storm chase.

Every year’s storm chase, I think I will have more time to spend on the radio.  Perhaps next year will be the year!

I’m returning to a normal schedule soon.  I will be driving to and from Magdalena twice a week starting next week, so perhaps I’ll get on the radio more then.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.16   Leave a comment

This week was exciting on amateur radio.  I made 107 QSOs on 20 meter HF, 105 of which were for the NM QSO Party.  I have finished tallying up my results and submitted my logs and contest photos this morning.  I am claiming the score of 41,720 points, as I earned 35,000 bonus points for activating 7 counties!  I will update my contest page soon.

I took two photos of my car in the contest.

I did make two more contacts that did not count for the contest- one was a DX station in Spain and the other made the contact, but never gave me his name, so his contact doesn’t count for the contest total.

Outside of the contest, I did very little radio.  I only checked into the SCAT Net once or twice last week.

I did tighten up the rope holding up my 20 meter antenna.  I want to see if that improves my reception, but I haven’t tested it during hours where 20 meters is open.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.13   Leave a comment

This week was slow on the radio.  I did make one or two contacts to the NORCARS net, and one random 40 meter contact.

I didn’t even check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net but a few times, and I missed the Caravan Club Net this week.  I’m having real problems with the Alinco DR-605.  I may swap it out this weekend and see if another radio will work better.

I swapped power supplies as part of an experiment.  I took my PowerWerx SPS-30DM out and put my Astron RS-20A back into service, just to see if it still works.  It fires up, no problems.

I strung up an MFJ-1779C dipole for 20 meters.  I was able to hear a few stations, but I still made no contacts.  I’ll be playing with this more over the next few weeks.

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