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My name is Seth Price and my amateur radio call sign is N3MRA. This blog will be about my amateur radio adventures, which include county hunting, storm chasing, APRS, OMISS Nets, and Ten-Ten Nets. I hope to expand my amateur radio horizons soon.

* Amateur Extra Class
* Volunteer Examiner
* ARRL Member (2003-Present)
* Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association Member (2002-2005)
* New River Wireless Association Charter Member (2002-2005)
* (New Mexico) Tech Amateur Radio Association Member (2005-Present)
* Socorro Amateur Radio Association Member (2005-2010)
* 10-X: #73008
* OMISS: #5793

* Updated soon, as I have won a few awards!!

* “Storm Chasing with Amateur Radio”, Monitoring Times, May 2007.
* “Survival Packs, Jump Kits and Tool Bags”, QST, July 2006.
* “Skywarn, Amateur Radio, and the Automatic Position Reporting System”, 5th Southeast Severe Storms
     Symposium, Mississippi State University, March 2006.
* “Survival Packs, Jump Kits and Tool Bags”, ARRLWeb, November 2005.
* “The Role of Amateur Radio in Storm Chasing”, World Radio, July 2005.
* “The Amateur Storm Chaser”, QST, March 2004.

I was first licensed as KA3ZWS at 10 years old in 1992. I passed my Novice and Technician class licenses and played on 10 meters until the internet was invented by Al Gore. Then I played on the internet until 2001, when I was at my parent’s house for Thanksgiving break my junior year of college. I played in the SSB Sweepstakes competition. I rekindled my interest, earning my General Class license in February of 2002.

Living in the dorms and apartments did not allow for many creative antennas. In September of 2002, I bought a Radio Shack HTX-10 25W 10 meter SSB only radio and magnet mounted a Hamstick to the roof of the car, thus beginning my mobile operations. From my car, I worked quite a lot of DX (for those who remember the 2002 double solar peak!).

In June of 2005, I passed my Amateur Extra exam and moved to New Mexico. I rented a house, and that once again limited my antenna possibilities. However, once in New Mexico, I began operating from as many counties as I could; I would find ways to travel by car when others would have traveled by plane. By the time of this writing (June 2011), I have operated from 42 states (approximately 650 counties).

In May of 2011, I bought a house in Rio Rancho, NM (Sandoval County), a suburb of Albuquerque. Soon, I will begin to build an antenna farm. I have great plans for my house and my ‘shack’, so I’ll post them on here as I create them.


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  1. am learning how to operate a Yaesu FT 857-D with a Yaesu ATAS 120A antenna (mobile). I am not getting the operating mode to show up on the separated faceplate. Any ideas as to why it isn’t on?

    Bruce Reiter KD7WBM
    • I have never heard of that problem, though I don’t have the ATAS 120A. Typically, it shows up at the top of the display.

      There is a Yahoo group dedicated to the 857D. It might be worth joining it and asking your question there.

      Sorry I can’t be more help. Right now, I am blessed with a well-tuned 20 meter antenna, so I’m not messing with it.

      Good luck!

      Seth, N3MRA

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