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I didn’t do any radio-related stuff yesterday, other than listen on 6 meters for about an hour.

I did think of a neat idea for my car. I think I am going to install two ball mounts and an antenna switch, so that I can switch bands rapidly. This will be particularly useful for HF. I want to scheme a little more, however, as I may already have three VHF antennas I’d like to put on the vehicle.

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Yesterday, I adjusted the gain on my FT-857 and made a contact on 6 meters. He was in EM12, if I remember correctly, which is a new grid square for me.

With the solar storm, six meters has been open.

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In spite of the terrible band conditions, I was able to pull one 17 meter contact in Arizona from Socorro county this afternoon. Otherwise, the bands were dead.

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I haven’t done any radio play over the past few days. I will need to troubleshoot my HF radio, and my power system (and perhaps a VHF/UHF radio), before I do too much radio play from home.

I may get on HF tomorrow from my car. At some point, I need to start hard mounting my antennas and figure out a radio box for mounting the radios.

This week will be the week for some of this capability.

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I am fighting radio gremlins like crazy these days. My Kenwood TS-450S is having receive issues. There are very few signals that I can hear, and they sound similar whether I am in LSB or USB mode. One possibility is a switching diode has gone bad.

At first, I thought there was a problem with my antenna (no doubt, there probably is). I switched to a 20 meter dipole that I have and I still have the same problems. I plugged in headphones, hoping that perhaps it was a problem with the speaker rather than the receiver circuit, but I still had the same problems.

Also, my Alinco DR-135TP is not able to get into the 145.330 MHz machine. I may have a power issue; at best, I can key up the repeater, but no transmit audio is heard. The Albuquerque SCAT Net Controller said he could hear a carrier and nothing else.

I have my work cut out for me!

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I was not able to check into the Albuquerque SCAT net this morning, for some reason. I’ll have to investigate.

I did get my DX4Win logs caught up, so now I am in a position to start processing these QSL cards I have sitting in my inbox.

The NM QSO Party results have been released. I am a little disappointed (I got 2nd place two years ago), and this year I got 3rd of 4. I was happy that my score went up rather than down, meaning my log was probably very good, but I didn’t count something that should have been counted. Full results are shown here

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I did absolutely nothing radio related yesterday, but today, I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net on 2 meters. I logged a few contacts in DX4Win as well.

I am having more troubles with my HF antenna that will require some troubleshooting. I hear almost nothing. I will do some investigation tomorrow.

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