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This week was relatively slow for me.  I worked the Albuquerque SCAT net like three times, as well as the Caravan Club net, all of which were on the 2 meter side.

I did make one special event contact (Chinese New Year station in CA), on 17 meters, which was nice. I haven’t logged an HF contact in quite some time.

I taught my third session of the Amateur Radio Licensure Course last night.  I found some of my old lectures, and they are much better than the ones I was creating this time around; I taught the course six years ago, and had several semester’s worth of fine tuning in these presentations versus starting fresh this year.  I used one of my old presentations, though slightly updated to account for the newest question pool.

I had my keycard recoded and was able to get into the Tech Amateur Radio Association station.  I showed this to my radio students as well.  I think this was the highlight of the class so far, as they had plenty of good questions about the equipment there. I also eamiled the police about how we put up a new antenna, though I have not received a response.

I updated my profile as well.

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This week was relatively slow again.  The only operating I did was to check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net four times over the past week on the 2 meter side.

I taught the second lecture of my amateur radio course this week as well.  This one was on rules and regulations, and thankfully, my students kept the mood light and fun, in spite of all of the legal-ese and definitions we needed to discuss.

This morning, I listened on 28.400 MHz from my Radio Shack HTX-10, but heard no stations.

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This week was exciting in my amateur radio experience.  I did not make many contacts; in fact, I only checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net three times, and the Caravan Club Net once.  I did hear a National Park station on 20 meters, but was unable to break through the pile up.

No, this week was exciting because it is the beginning of the revival of the New Mexico Tech – Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) for the semester. First, we began compiling our official documents to get the club running again this semester.  Our president has been on the ball, filing everything that needs to be filed.

To support this new club, I also hosted the first session of an Amateur Radio Licensure course. I haven’t taught the course since 2010 or 2011, but I have ten students in it this semester.  This week discussed, “What is Amateur Radio?” and we walked over to the club station.  I took notes on what worked and what didn’t in the lecture, and will likely include this in an QST article at the end of the class.

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This week, I tinkered with the HF antenna.  I re-soldered a connection or two, as well as rerouted some of the ground radials.  I hope to add more ground radials soon.




In terms of operation, I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net three times, the Caravan Club once, and the 2M weak signal net (144.250 SSB) once.  This marks my first time checking into a SSB 2 meter net, and I thought that was pretty cool.

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This week, I finished setting up my new power supply.  I crimped new connectors on the wires to my Rigrunner, and found an appropriate place for the power supply on my desk.  I also played with my outdoor HF antenna, which is still incredibly deaf.

I installed VE7CC’s DX cluster program on my laptop and got the filters set up the way I like.  Now, to get the HF antenna running…

I also made one contact on 10 meters to Brazil from my Radio Shack HTX-10 that is mounted in the Malibu.  It wasn’t as clean as I would have liked it to be, and I may have some work to do to the Hamstick that is mounted on the trunk.  Even so, there were several other stations I could hear during grayline propagation.

I also updated my DX4Win logs from the Christmas trip, as well as the county map used on this website.

This upcoming week will be dedicated to a combination of getting ready for the amateur radio class that I am teaching, as well as working on my HF antenna.

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I intend to update this blog every Tuesday, and let you know what is going on in my amateur radio world.

This week’s post is about my Christmas trip, and running mobile while I was on the road.  All said and done, I made 357 QSOs on 20 meters.  I did this from quite a few new counties in FL, GA, OH, IL, and KS.  I haven’t added up how many new counties I have.

The final day or two of driving, I played around trying to find stations operating from the National Parks on the Air event.  I was only able to find one station, and was not able to break the pileup.

I installed my new power supply at the house, and it seems to work well.  I want to crimp connectors on the bare wire, as the wires are held in by a prayer and a thumbscrew, and I’d much rather have them secure.  The cord is a bit short, though I may change the position of my power strip so that it reaches a little farther.  I’ve been meaning to do this anyway, as my laptop cord is strained as well.

Here’s to a good 2016 on the bands.

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Daily Radio Report: 12/25/15   Leave a comment

Merry Christmas to all!

Radio-wise, I received a PowerWerx SPS-30DM power supply for Christmas, which will solve some of my power issues at the station.

I also made one contact, K1CC, who was running a special event station from Texas. I worked him on 20 meter SSB from my father’s station in Virginia.

I also updated all of my DX4Win logbooks last night. I am completely up-to-date, other than sending and returning QSL cards (which are at my house in Rio Rancho).

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