3/1/15: Daily Radio Report   Leave a comment

Yesterday was a frustrating day on the radio. I listened all day on the 20 meter county hunter net, and never heard a break in the squelch.

I am also in a conversation to revive the Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) at New Mexico Tech. I will meet Tuesday to pick up the key and get things going again.

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Daily Radio Report: 2/28/15   Leave a comment

I had a great day on 20 meters yesterday. I made 10 contacts on the SSB county hunter’s net, adding 8 new counties. I already summed those into the monthly total, but I figured I would let you know. Thank you, KB6UF, for all the counties!

I also began working on my DX4Win logs. I’ve caught up some of my logging from my Christmas trip, particularly across New Mexico and Texas. I still have several states (and several hundred contacts) to go.

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Monthly Summary: February, 2015   Leave a comment

This month was a little light on the number of contacts, but I did do some neat radio-ing anyway. I made a few contacts in the 10-10 contest, and made several contacts on 10 meters and 12 meters, which is always a good thing. I worked a few DX stations, and a number of new counties.

HF QSOs: 46
VHF QSOs: 10

20 meters: 28
12 meters: 3
10 meters: 15
2 meters: 10
70 centimeters: 2

SSB: 46
FM: 12

Bernalillo, NM: 7
Sandoval, NM: 31
Socorro, NM: 8
DM65: 10
DM64: 2

Contesting (Ten-Ten): 5
County Hunting: 28
DX: 5
VHF/UHF Net: 12
HF Ragchew: 8

DX Entities:
Canada, Hawaii, Honduras, Italy, St. Lucia, US

Graphics updated.

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Daily Radio Report: 2/26/15   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net on the 70 cm side from the Alvarado Transportation Center on my Yaesu VX7R.

That was all of the operating I did yesterday.

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Daily Radio Report: 2/25/15   Leave a comment

I played on 10 meters and 12 meters yesterday on my commute from Magdalena to Socorro. I only worked one station, on ten meters, but it was St. Lucia. He had a special call sign to commemorate the anniversary of St. Lucia’s independence.

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Daily Radio Report: 2/24/15   Leave a comment

Yesterday, I cheked into the Albuqueruque SCAT Net on 2 meters. I checked in from home.

After that, I drove to Magdalena, and talked to AG5Z on 12 meters. He is Mississippi, and it is always good to hear him on the air.

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Daily Radio Report: 2/23/15   Leave a comment

The only radio-related activity I did today was check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net from DM64 on 2 meters. I checked in once initially for a standard check in. I then checked in a few minutes later to correct a weather report that I had made, as winter driving conditions had become more severe on I-25.

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