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I didn’t do any of those things on my To Do list.  I will send some QSL cards this week though, as I did buy some stamps.

I have not been active on HF this week.  I did check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times, and have developed a routine for making sure I have an HT charged in the mornings on my commute so that I can continue to check in.

I will turn on my HF rig today, and perhaps make a few 20 meter contacts along my commute to Magdalena, I hope.

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I didn’t do a lot of radio-related stuff this week.  I did check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net this morning, and I found my HT charger so that I can take it with me, and check in again.

I updated my HF logs, which were out of date since I left for California a few weeks ago.  I also updated my graphics here, as I was able to operate from a new county (Riverside, CA) during my trip to CA.

This next week, I intend to sort and send a few QSL cards, which have piled up on my desk.  I also would like to play with recording the voltage drop when I transmit on VHF from my home.  I have a bug there that I haven’t yet figured out.  I’ll describe it when I have more data.

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I wasn’t quite as active on the radio during my return trip from Anaheim.  I did, however, make a few contacts while driving through Riverside County, CA, which is a new county for me.  All of these contacts were on 20 meter SSB.  This makes my first new county of the year, I believe.

I missed out on photographing the International Space Station from California as well.  I thought there was a chance, but the only one was just as I was arriving in Anaheim and I couldn’t see it through the high buildings, and couldn’t get parked in time to take a photo anyhow.

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This week, I was relatively active on 20 meters.  I drove from Rio Rancho, NM, to Anaheim, CA, and I ran counties until I could not get any responses.  I knew there was a county hunter net running, but I lost contact with the net control operators.  Instead, I posted spots when I had an internet connection, but I was also in a remote area, so connections were sparse.

When I was in some of the larger counties and was finished running the county, I switched over to 144.200 MHz SSB and tried to give out some VHF grid squares, though I made no contacts

In addition to this, I had an eyeball QSO with fellow county hunters, K7SEN and AB7NK.  They were headed east on I-40 and I was headed west, so we met up at a truck stop for a quick chat.

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I did manage to make a few 20 meter contacts this week.  I have been operating from my Crown Vic with a Yaesu FT-857D and a Hamstick.  I worked Puerto Rico, Netherlands Antilles, North Carolina, and maybe one or two other places as well.

I was not able to make any contacts from Wisconsin.  I did find a working repeater that I could hit with my Yaesu VX-7R, but I did not make any contacts.  I kept transmitting that I was monitoring the repeater, but I had no replies.

I also checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net once as well.

I will drive to Los Angeles this weekend, so I may get a few contacts along the way.

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This week has been a bit dead on amateur radio.  I tuned around on 20 meters a few times, but made no contacts.

I am currently in Williams Bay, WI, and I missed their 2 meter net yesterday.  I have my Yaesu VX7R, so I may listen in to one of the local repeaters and maybe make a VHF contact or two.

Otherwise, it’s been a bit dull.  I’ll have to work on that for next week.  In two weeks, I’m driving to Los Angeles, and will probably run counties along the way.  Hopefully, I’ll make some contacts then.

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Hey, what do you know?  I was able to make a few contacts on 20 meters last night.  The band was open really late, and I worked a mobile station in Illinois, and two stations (NC and PA) in the 13 Colonies on the Air special event.

I also posted a new page on this blog.  The new page is dedicated to a nerdy space game I play with a few of my friends.  We are trying to photograph the International Space Station (ISS) from as many states as possible.  I am still trying to find the photo I took of it from Ohio, but I think the rest of them have been uploaded.

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