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This week, I was able to set up my Icom 2100 in the Malibu.  I replaced the coax that ran from the antenna to the radio, as the old one had been split for a long time.  I tested it by checking into the SCAT Net from Belen on Monday morning.  The contact was cut short as my power cable popped out, but there was no actual problem with the radio or antenna.

I also went to the Socorro Hamfest this weekend.  I picked up a few cheap multimeters, as well as 95′ of coax to replace my hodge-podge coax that runs betwen my HF radios and my vertical antenna in the back yard at my house.

I also acted as a Volunteer Examiner (VE) for the amateur radio test sessions that were offered at the hamfest.  Everyone who showed up left with either a new license or an upgrade, so it was a successful test session.  In fact, we have nine new licensed ham radio operators at NMT, so the Tech Amateur Radio Association has grown considerably!

On Sunday, I made a contact or two in the NY QSO Party as well.

I did not send any QSL cards but that will be in my new goals in the upcoming week.  This week, I will:

1.  Update all of my logbooks (clear my phone of all voice recordings!)
2.  Send 5 QSL cards

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I met neither official goal, but I had quite an active week on amateur radio.

I did play in the PA QSO Party as well as the North American Sprint.   I made maybe 5 contacts in the PA QSO Party and 10 in the North American Sprint.  I also worked two National Parks on the Air stations.  I will need to log these soon.

This evening, I hosted a cram session for the upcoming amateur radio exam.  I had quite a few students show up and ask their questions about amateur radio.  We spent around two and a half hours trying to talk about the fun stuff and make the rules and regulations fun as well.

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This week, I actually did some amateur radio.  First, I made a 10 meter contact to Argentina from my Radio Shack HTX-10 in my Malibu.  Second, I made a VHF contact from the NWS Albuquerque office, WX5ABQ.

As far as my amateur radio goals are concerned, I did test the Yaesu FT-857D, finally.
I did not install a VHF coax in the Malibu.

For next week, I will:

1.  Install that VHF coax in the Malibu
2.  Send 5 QSL Cards

Thank you for reading my post.

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This week was relatively uneventful on amateur radio as well.  I listened on 10 meters on several occasions, but I made no contacts.

As far as other goals, I was able to get a new power connection in place in the Malibu.  I didn’t run a new from the battery, but instead ran it from the connection in the trunk (that already runs to the battery) back to the passenger compartment.  I now have both the Icom 2100 and the Radio Shack HTX-10 powered safely from the battery.

I did not get a chance to test the Yaesu FT-857, but that will be tested this weekend.

For the next week, the two goals are:

1.  Test the Yaesu FT-857D

2.  Run a coax to the VHF antenna in the Malibu.

Thank you for reading my post.

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This week was slow in terms of contacts, as I made none.  I did, however knock both goals off my list this week.

#1:  Skyler now has access to the TARA station, and he cleaned it up beautifully.  We hung up a US map and a world map on the wall as well.

#2:  I was able to swap the VHF antenna on the Malibu.  One NMO mount was in bad shape and the other worked fine.  I wanted to swap them, as one NMO mount is really close to the FM broadcast antenna, and I wanted to give them more space.

Not only did I do both, I also tuned a ten meter antenna for use with the Radio Shack HTX-10.

Goals for this week:

#1.  New power connection in the Malibu.  I have a nice power cable running to the trunk, but none running to the passenger compartment.  As the radios I will mount in here are not remote mountable, I need power to the passenger cabin, not to the trunk.  It would be a shame to rip out the existing cable, however.

#2.  Test out the Yaesu FT-857D.  I received it and it is still sitting in the box in my living room.

Thank you for reading my post.

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I am terribly far behind on my amateur radio goals.  I have received my Yaesu FT-957D, but haven’t unpacked it from the box.  QSL cards are building up all around my desk.  My Radio Shack HTX-10 does not seem to be hearing much.  My vertical antenna is deaf as well.  The VHF/UHF radio in my Ranger is locked on a frequency.

This upcoming week, I intend to:
1.  Switch the VHF antenna in my Malibu.
2.  Get Skyler access to the TARA station.

After that, everything this week will be a bonus.

Thank you for reading my post.

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This week had been great for amateur radio.  We had our first Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA) meeting, as well as had our first day at the NMT club fair.

First, we set up an HF station at the club fair.  We made several 20 meter contacts in the Katrina Anniversary special event.  We started filling out our official paperwork.  I know several of the club members attempted a satellite contact, but I didn’t hear if they actually made contact.

Thank you for reading my post.