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I have no idea about the future of the Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA). The student government issued special rules for us this past semester, including special volunteer service, or else we would lose our club room. When we tried to contact this person (multiple attempts) to do the volunteer work, she never responded. I think they will take our club room.

Another organization has taken my office (!) and my lab. There is a giant land grab on campus before the new president arrives. It’s crooked as hell, and I’m about done with all of it.

Universities are welfare programs for PhDs.

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I spent yesterday evening working on the Crown Vic, prepping it for storm chasing. I put my Kenwood TS-130S on the floor, and wedged the Yaesu FT-7800 between the seats for now. I tested both of them, successfully.

In terms of antennas, I tuned Hamsticks for 15 meters and 17 meters. I also disassembled a multiband antenna only to find that the base was cracked (hence why it was so hard to tune). What a shame!

The Yaesu FT-857D is still not functioning correctly. I’ll have to get that repaired, if there is ever money to do so.

I did manage to check into the SCAT Net this morning from US-60 in Magdalena. That’s a long ways!

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Congratulations to KG5NGM, KG5NGO, KG5NGP, KE0IXA, and KM6CHY, five new technician class amateur radio operators from my radio class!!

I have quite a few changes I would like to make for next year’s class. I will have to sit down and rewrite quite a bit, as well as add more hands-on activities. They liked soldering the radio together, though we never found headphones that worked for it.

Outside of the licensing, I checked into the Albuquerque Caravan Club once. That was about all I’ve done radio-wise.

In terms of station set up, I replaced the ball mount on my Crown Vic in preparation for storm chasing. Unfortunately, my Yaesu FT-857D has a broken select knob and it has damaged the display. It must have gotten jammed by something in the truck when I was driving around. Anyway, the end result is that the display works, the VFO knob works, the volume knob, and the power button works. No other button or knob functions correctly. I will take a look at it in more detail sometime soon, but I may (once again) resort to the Kenwood TS-130S for storm chasing this year.

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This week, I started out by knocking out my NM QSO Party log. I submitted it a mere few minutes before the deadline, claiming 53,370 points. I made 191 QSOs from 8 counties, picking up 35 states, and 2 Canadian Provinces.

I checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net at least once last week as well, announcing the Socorro amateur radio test session that occurred on 4/24.

Speaking of which, we had our licensing exam, and several folks from my amateur radio class took and passed the Technician class exam! I am watching to see when their licenses are in the FCC database.

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I am slowly working through my digital recordings and updating my logs. Admittedly, this has stopped by participation in radio events, as I am still logging contacts from my cross-country trip, and I still need to submit a log for the NM QSO Party.  Hopefully, I will have this all settled over the next few days.

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This week was great. I was planning to run the NM QSO Party from my Crown Victoria, but two days before the contest, someone accidentally broke my antenna off. It broke my 20 meter Hamstick right at the ball mount, meaning that I could not use the ball mount, either. Instead, I took my Ford Ranger with a magnet-mounted 20 meter Hamstick.

The Ranger is electrically quite noisy, so I would pull over in each county and turn off the truck. Because I stopped in each one, I made sure to make at least 15 QSOs, earning me 5000 bonus points for each one. All said and done, I operated like this through eight counties (Sandoval, Santa Fe, San Miguel, Mora, Colfax, Union, Harding and Quay).

I have not transcribed my log yet, nor have I dumped the photos from my camera. I will do this soon, and post the photos here.

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I missed posting last week, as I was on the road home from my parents’ house in VA. My father gave me his 2000 Ford Ranger and we set it up with a 20 meter hamstick magnet mount and my Yaesu FT-857D for running counties on the way home.

I have not fully updated my log book as of yet. I do know that I worked from around 11 new counties; this may not seem like many, but I was on a really tight timetable, and most of the counties along my route I already had. Hopefully, I will update my logbooks and DX4Win soon, as I will also run the New Mexico QSO Party this weekend.

I have updated my graphics.

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(I forgot to hit “POST” a few days ago!)


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