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Yesterday, we drove from Kingsport, TN, to Jackson, MS. Along the way, I operated on the 20 meter SSB county hunter’s net, and then also made one QSO on the 40 meter SSB county hunter’s net.

Cherokee, AL: 1
DeKalb, AL: 2
Etowah, AL: 2

Dade, GA: 1

Blount, TN: 6
Bradley, TN: 5
Cocke, TN: 7
Hamilton, TN: 2
Hawkins, TN: 10
McMinn/Monroe, TN: 9
Meigs, TN: 5
Polk, TN: 6
Sullivan, TN: 3

Today, I will drive to Austin, TX, and run through a few more counties.

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We got off to a very late start yesterday, so rather than taking an indirect route and running counties, we took a direct route and didn’t.

We are starting today in Bristol, TN, and I have no idea where we will finish, but I will run a few counties today.

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I did nothing radio related today. I will, however, begin running counties starting tomorrow. I am heading to Chattanooga, TN, tomorrow evening and will run some new counties along the way.

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I didn’t do any real radio work today. I did install a satellite tracking app on my tablet, and may start playing with pulling satellite telemetry. I had a lot of fun with that at the Teacher’s Institute (TI-2).

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Yesterday, I played on a Kenwood TS-570. It was awesome. My father and I set it up in the basement, not quite sure whether or not it would even transmit. We found the mic and connected it up to a good antenna.

The first time it transmitted, I broke a pile up to Crete on 20 meters.

A little while later, I worked Grenada on 40 meters.

I am so excited for how well this is working!

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I put forth some effort on 20 meters yesterday. I had plans to run the northwesternmost counties in New Jersey. However, when I arrived in the county next to them, I could not make a contact, and heard no signals (other than a few birdies). I called CQ for ten minutes, after posting a county hunting spot. Spots on the county hunter net were sparse, and a glance at the solar conditions (A=9) showed that there was little to find through the geomagnetic noise.

I decided to continue south and not waste the time and the gasoline.

Conditions don’t look much better today, either.

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After spending a week completely immersed in radio, I did not play on the radio at all yesterday.

Today, I may run a few counties on 20 meters, depending on traffic, conditions, etc.

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