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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.29   Leave a comment

I did manage to make a few 20 meter contacts this week.  I have been operating from my Crown Vic with a Yaesu FT-857D and a Hamstick.  I worked Puerto Rico, Netherlands Antilles, North Carolina, and maybe one or two other places as well.

I was not able to make any contacts from Wisconsin.  I did find a working repeater that I could hit with my Yaesu VX-7R, but I did not make any contacts.  I kept transmitting that I was monitoring the repeater, but I had no replies.

I also checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net once as well.

I will drive to Los Angeles this weekend, so I may get a few contacts along the way.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.27   Leave a comment

Hey, what do you know?  I was able to make a few contacts on 20 meters last night.  The band was open really late, and I worked a mobile station in Illinois, and two stations (NC and PA) in the 13 Colonies on the Air special event.

I also posted a new page on this blog.  The new page is dedicated to a nerdy space game I play with a few of my friends.  We are trying to photograph the International Space Station (ISS) from as many states as possible.  I am still trying to find the photo I took of it from Ohio, but I think the rest of them have been uploaded.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.26   Leave a comment

This week was a lot less active than I had anticipated.

I barely participated in Field Day.  I made two contacts from my car on 40 meters.  The cool thing is both of them were new states on 40 meters for me, Wyoming and Arkansas.
I will update the graphics soon to reflect this.

I did check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times.  Mostly, I did this from US-60 between Socorro and Magdalena, which is a long-haul to the repeater.  Some days, it was scratchy, but some days I was able to check in with no problems.

I am looking forward to my ARRL order as well. It should arrive any day now.  I did order some call sign stickers for my vehicles.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.25   Leave a comment

This week, I made a contact or two on 40 meters.  I heard Indonesia on 40 meters, but he couldn’t hear me.

I also checked into the Albuquerque SCAT Net a few times on the 2 meter side.

I haven’t updated my QSL cards in a few weeks, but I recently received a notice that I was the last county for someone in Kansas a few years ago.

This morning, I went ahead and placed an order with the ARRL.  I picked up my standard assortment of Field Day patches and such, and I had a coupon to receive a free book on grounding, so I am excited about that.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.24   Leave a comment

Believe it or not, I did make a few contacts this past week!  I did a little ragchewing on 20 meters and 40 meters, and worked several stations.  I was operating mobile from the Crown Vic (Socorro and Lincoln counties in New Mexico).

This morning, I was able to check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net from US-60 on my way into Magdalena.  I used the Yaesu FT-7800 in the Crown Vic.

Hopefully, I will do some more radio this week.  I have received a few QSL cards, as well as an eQSL that needs a response.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.16   Leave a comment

This week was exciting on amateur radio.  I made 107 QSOs on 20 meter HF, 105 of which were for the NM QSO Party.  I have finished tallying up my results and submitted my logs and contest photos this morning.  I am claiming the score of 41,720 points, as I earned 35,000 bonus points for activating 7 counties!  I will update my contest page soon.

I took two photos of my car in the contest.

I did make two more contacts that did not count for the contest- one was a DX station in Spain and the other made the contact, but never gave me his name, so his contact doesn’t count for the contest total.

Outside of the contest, I did very little radio.  I only checked into the SCAT Net once or twice last week.

I did tighten up the rope holding up my 20 meter antenna.  I want to see if that improves my reception, but I haven’t tested it during hours where 20 meters is open.

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Amateur Radio This Week: 2019.13   Leave a comment

This week was slow on the radio.  I did make one or two contacts to the NORCARS net, and one random 40 meter contact.

I didn’t even check into the Albuquerque SCAT Net but a few times, and I missed the Caravan Club Net this week.  I’m having real problems with the Alinco DR-605.  I may swap it out this weekend and see if another radio will work better.

I swapped power supplies as part of an experiment.  I took my PowerWerx SPS-30DM out and put my Astron RS-20A back into service, just to see if it still works.  It fires up, no problems.

I strung up an MFJ-1779C dipole for 20 meters.  I was able to hear a few stations, but I still made no contacts.  I’ll be playing with this more over the next few weeks.

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